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Font rendering and missing UI?

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Bit of backstory, im currently playing around with modifying viewers to see if i can get a modern version of SL running on an obsolete operating system, namely Vista pre SP2 and Windows XP. So far the best ive gotten is getting into the world once on Vista with no service packs and then crashing hard. XP is not going as well.
With that context out of the way, currently im just making sure that Vista SP2 even can play SL. And with that im just using one of my Thinkpad Z61t's because i can use identical hardware to run SP2 vs no service packs. The issue im encountering is that the fonts are all sorts of generally messed up and parts of the UI are missing.

I have no idea why, this is the current version of SL 32 bit downloaded from the main SL website, its installed on a non modified version of Windows Vista SP2 32 bit and though the specs are atrocious, theyre supported and functional. I dont really care about the actual performance as long as it starts and gets me into a world. But the UI problems are something ive never seen before.

Does anyone else experience any issues like this? Menu backdrops are missing, some features like the FPS graph are missing, parts of the chat box are missing, etc...

Its not an issue at a hardware level, as running on Linux (specifically debian 10.1 stable 32 bit with gnustep) presented no issues with the UI. And the modded client that worked, albeit briefly, on no service packs vista didnt show this issue either.

So i can only think its something to do with the current version of SL or something didnt install right, i tried a full reinstall and that gave me no change.

Any information or help would be appreciated.



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