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Second Ads is looking for advertising sales representative with opportunity to become manager

Wili Clip

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As I am involved with too many projects (Gold Hunt, Fish Hunt and starting development on new ones) and I also have to coordinate with RL. I came to a realization that I can not find the time to realize Second Ads Grid Wide Ad Networks full potential and grow it to the scale it deserves to be at on my own. I have finally decided to look for someone who can understand the importance of advertising and the opportunity it presents, who has time and energy to help me scale up the advertising operation of Second Ads ad network to realize its full potential.

Second Ads - Ad network in operation in SL since 2011 has practically been fully automated, self sustainable & has been growing by itself but without active promotion within the Second Life business elite it can not achieve its true scale it can be at. I am not a marketer or a sales person myself... If people like me its not because of how I present myself but its because of what I am doing and what I have done and achieved. Our customers are some of the biggest brands in SL virtual business. They are happy with our service we provide for them because I made sure our clients get what they paid for and even more. If we have a person that would actively engage other biggest and growing brands in Second Life then due to what is called "network effect" we could provide even more value for the general business in SL. Everyone wins!

Advertising is the most important activity in any business and a good long term advertising strategy can be the reason for it success while lack of having advertising strategy the reason for the downfall of the business. Advertising is a way to shape your potential customers opinion about your brand philosophy or quality.

I am looking to cooperate with someone who is:

  • very organized
  • has very good social skills
  • is goal oriented
  • has a good character and personality
  • resolves conflicts fast and efficiently (no drama)
  • likes to learn and improve/gain different skills
  • is open minded and doesn't impose their own views of things on others
  • likes to create real value and be valued by our business partners


Second Ads Headquarters - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dallows/63/98/4001

Web: www.secondads.com


IM me if interested & let me know why you think you'd be the right person and if you'd like to give your try and see what you can contribute towards making vision a reality :)

I will admit I have 0 experience in employing people in conventional way and also view it somewhat negatively. I always saw an employment as a form of human exploitation where workers almost always provide more value for the organization than they are paid for except in case of startups with successful exit or enlisting on stock exchanges where workers are rewarded with equity. But that is only my personal experience and views that I shaped about it in my life and this is not always the case. Life and the way humans organize life is not black and white or grey... its all kinds of colors.


Type of business organization I am developing and running in Second Life is not a standard organization (conventional corporation as you might be used to). In this organization created and adapted specifically for a virtual world we do not try to control and motivate humans within organization with rewards and punishments. We respect each other, learn from each other and encourage each other. We do not have strict working hours and we take into account that we are logging in a virtual world from all over the world and we might have RL jobs and families to take care of. We are giving emphasis on human freedom and creativity. We focus on creating and exchanging real value with other businesses. We are into building a virtual business empire based on providing real value and sustainable business growth.

The base ingredient of every successful organization are the people who are organized to move it forward towards the mission and vision it was created for.

Wili Clip
Serial entrepreneur & social experimenter
(I question society as it is and I like experimenting with possible improvements to it)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1365 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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