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Economic Limits VS Your Current Limits & Your current tier


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The economic limits worry me because I consider Second Life as a commercial opportunity.
Now, as a new resident 1, my current limit is;

Your current tier is:

  • LindeX L$ Buy Limit (24 hr):US $0.00 of US $100.00 used
  • LindeX L$ Buy Limit (30 days):US $0.00 of US $100.00 used
  • LindeX L$ Sell Limit (24 hr):US $0.00 of US $0.00 used
  • LindeX L$ Sell Limit (30 days):US $0.00 of US $0.00 used
  • US$ Process Credit (24 hr):US $0.00 of US $0.00 used
  • US$ Process Credit (30 days):US $0.00 of US $0.00 used

This makes the business opportunity more than limited. However, I understand that the status of a new resident 1 could be changed, which will affect my current limitations.

Now my questions are;

  1. What are the criteria concerning the statutes?
  2. what are the current limits attached to these statutes? 
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for my future and second life

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You need to buy some L$.  This will start a 30 day clock.  During this 30 days, your L$ buy and sell limits will increase.  Most residents older than 30 days who have purchased L$ have the following limits:


If these limits are not sufficient to your needs, you can petition LL to have them increased.


I don't want to discourage you from starting a business in Second Life; many people (including myself) manage to make enough money in world to at least pay for their Second Life expenses.  Some make enough to withdraw money from SL regularly, giving them a part-time income.  A few hundred residents make enough money that it's their full time job.  But hardly anyone is getting rich from SL!

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