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The Avatar Project - 300 needed !!!

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The avatar Project is a collaborative effort between TAMI Second Life and the founders of TAMI Real Life. The project involves painting the images of 300 avatars from second life and producing them on a large canvas that can be exhibited in the real world. The ‘brains’ behind this effort is the founder of both organisations, Danny Noyes. In a rare look at his personal side Danny took me through a maze of ideas and projects that he says stems from the creative side of Bipolar.


“The idea behind this project is to highlight two things. Firstly to shine another spotlight on Bipolar and mental health in general and secondly, to espouse the virtues of a virtual life. Since being diagnosed last year I returned to second life hoping to find away to further disappear from reality. Instead, I have found the opposite. Whether you call this a game or a platform, or a piece of toast for all I care, the reality is ...it does help.”

Asked to explain further Danny went on to tell me about the mental health support groups in second life. “Never before has that cliché been so true, We are not alone. In second life that’s remarkably accurate, you are never alone. I have heard people refer to the vacant areas of land and no people in shopping malls etc, but, if you belong to any number of groups you can always find someone on line to talk to, or conversely, to help out.”

The project requires 300 images of avatars to be painted in real life and produced for exhibition. If you would like to be involved please leave an image of yourself on a notecard and deliver it to:

The Art of Mental Illness - Art Gallery Longwood (62, 39, 22)

Please ensure the following is on the card.

Your name

a head and shoulders shot or

a full body shot or

a 3/4 length shot.

May be Nude or Clothed.

No couple shots.

No props.

Preferably plain background

All participants will receive a free copy of the finished painting for second life as well as a copy of the original image painted free.


Excerpt taken from The Gallery magazine free at www.theartofmentalillness.com.au/thegallery.html


This is the type of painting that will be done.



Please forgive me If I posted this wrong. im not real good at deciding these things....lol

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This sounds like a wonderful project, Danny! I was inspired by what i read and am about to drop off my notecard, but realized there's some more information people could use in addition to what you have listed above.

When you request "Full Name" is that Real Life or Second Life? Or both?

We are told where to go to drop off the notecard, but not which object to drop the notecard in to. I'm guessing it's "Danny's Mail Box", so that's where i'm about to drop my notecard.

I have also included one snapshot for each style that is accepted, in order to give the artist a better look at my avatar, as well as giving the artist choices as to which they would rather work with.

Oh yeah! One last thing... did you want the notecards to be titled anything in particular? Mine is "Avatar Project - Cybin Monde" as it seemed fitting. Thanks again!

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Thanks Cybin.... No only SL names ...no need for real ones...and yes the mail bocx is the one and If you like you can title it but Ill find it.


The project will Take a while Not so much the painting ( I plan to do them during a manic phase.......   :matte-motes-big-grin: 10 mins tops.....lol)

Its getting the pics of avatars that is taking so long. So spread the word my friend and thanks so much for your support.

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Also I forgot to clarify The free painting for second life is the Full version and If you would like the version of your avatar on your own that is just the cost of the upload.


Of course donations to the gallery are gratefully and deceidedly accepted.....      :matte-motes-smitten:

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That's SO awesome!!

Thanks for posting it here, i love what you ended up creating. I like how you've employed different stules when creating these paintings. And they're not digital at all? Mine looks like some Photoshop style effects, but could also be done with traditional media.

How's the project going overall? Do you still need the word to be spread or have you collected enough avatar images at this point?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4107 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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