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  1. Better yet... bring back Last Names, but continue to allow use of Display Names. They (LL) could even include "Resident" as a permanent last name in the list, so you don't have to worry about people feeling obligated to remember your last name or to make any use of it beyond your Display Name. Also, there could be a much longer list that's easy to browse (instead of the different weird setups they had along the way).
  2. Welcome to SL new overlord! Reading your bio, it seems to me *as some others have pointed out) that you are an excellent fit for SL and it al looks very promising! So, once again, a very warm welcome from an old fogey (i hit 10 years in SL last month). All of that being said, and i'm not sure if you've been warned that this may re-surface, but... there's a topic and Jira that are dear to my heart, as well as many other SLers. The topic is about last names... how SL used to have a list to pick from (which, admittedly, could have been configured better), but now everybody gets a generic "Res
  3. Great job, Pooky!! This is a great, simple look into SL! Very organic feeling in presentation and flow, explaining a myriad of possibilities with an internationally spicy soundtrack. Really enjoyable to watch and makes me want to get back in there more often. It would make a great commercial in an advert campaign. Until after now...
  4. HotRod, is it possible that your preferences were reverted to Default settings? More specifically, the Bandwidth and Cache settings. I'm not sure if that could be the issue, but might be worth checking out, just to be sure. The only other things i can think of is the possibility that you may need to update drivers for your graphics card and/or router firmware. I would say try uninstalling Phoenix and Firestorm, since that's the only change you made (unless you've installed anything else that's not SL related?), but i doubt that would make a difference either. Again though, it could be worth s
  5. That's SO awesome!! Thanks for posting it here, i love what you ended up creating. I like how you've employed different stules when creating these paintings. And they're not digital at all? Mine looks like some Photoshop style effects, but could also be done with traditional media. How's the project going overall? Do you still need the word to be spread or have you collected enough avatar images at this point?
  6. Cybin Monde


    Well, i'm a little late in replying to the two previous comments, but i wanted to say thanks for noticing! :) I think it helps a lot, but only on this page. Perhaps there should be a note somewhere in Account Summary or in the Update Card area? i've always wanted to be able to see at least the last 4 digits, just to make sure my most recent credit card is the one used. Would that create a security issue as well? Or is it possible that method could be employed as a comfortable middle road?
  7. HotRod, i would suggest looking over the release notes. More specificlaly, these two points: Crash & Performance Fixes SH-1618[c] [PUBLIC_JIRA_USERS] Lighting and shadows crash ATI macs DNS Error May Prevent Login for Mac OSX EXP-687[c] Second Life viewer will not work on my laptop - A possible workaround is to add the free Google DNS servers to your network configuration, as described below. Open 'System Preferences' -> 'Network' -> 'Advanced...' -> 'DNS' Click "+" and type Click "+" and type Close 'System Preferences' Restart Second Life The first on
  8. Cybin Monde


    Would it be possible to have the "view billing information" specify that you can't actually view some of the information? For instance, if i want to check if i'm using the right credit card before the next time i get charged, it's not possible. All i can see is what type of card, no information about the account number. In order to make sure, the only choice is to delete the information first and enter the one i knew was up to date. I know i made a Jira once for it, but i thought it should be mentioned here since the statement above made me think it showed more information now. But a lot of gr
  9. This sounds like a wonderful project, Danny! I was inspired by what i read and am about to drop off my notecard, but realized there's some more information people could use in addition to what you have listed above. When you request "Full Name" is that Real Life or Second Life? Or both? We are told where to go to drop off the notecard, but not which object to drop the notecard in to. I'm guessing it's "Danny's Mail Box", so that's where i'm about to drop my notecard. I have also included one snapshot for each style that is accepted, in order to give the artist a better look at my avatar, as
  10. It's excellent to see this thread here, thank you Blondin! (/me waves emphatically, "Miss you guys!") Of course i missed the Nova Albion parade again. It would seem weird for me to actually show up at this point! But Happy Birthday, NA!!! It's a great city with lots to see and do. As far as i know, it's also safer these days (as i believe the Mole People have moved on from our waterways and subsystems). Don't forget, just across from Mari's place is my awesome build! A room with four chairs and a tree! With IDM music streaming and um... a nice view. Hurry though! I may decide to change it
  11. Ah, those days of yore when everything was new and the world was small. I joined SL back in January of 2004 and remember my first few hours were spent a couple steps away from the spot where i first rezzed. I had stepped closer to the Appearance board there in the beginning of the old Orientation Island (where the parrot would give you L$50 or something like that, just for talking to him) and then stayed there for a few hours while i worked on my appearance. I've slimmed down a tiny bit since then, but other than that my sliders and colors have remained the same. Originally i changed out of
  12. Meade Paravane wrote: Also, please let people comment on your blog posts. This isn't just his blog. The "View Article Reactions" links don't work for all blogs, at least since we switched to Lithium. Either the URL is pointing improperly or there isn't any reaction area on Technorati, or both, which seems to be the case i'm seeing. The good news is, i just contacted Live Chat a few minutes ago to let them know what's going on with those. They said they'll report it and try to get them all fixed for us.
  13. Wow! That's about 3 things that were addressed within the space of these comments! Smilies were formatted better (Thank you!), an Off Topic forum was created (many kudos for that one) and new RSS feeds were added. Great work LL! For those looking for Status Updates, Tickets or Live Chat links, try the help/Contact Support sections. The Status Updates window is on the front page of the Help section, while the Ticket and Live Chat options are clickable text links on the Contact Support page. So, while they do exist, they could be better integrated into the whole. For instance, having Tickets a
  14. Winter Ventura wrote: Cybin Monde wrote: i saw that you can change your packground, could you not then use a picture of yourself there? I haven't checked yet, so i'm not sure if that's possible. But if so, then it seems you could put a store logo or something in the small rectangle. Please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong on this. It's possible, the problem there is that the text flows over the background, forcing you to work around it. As you can see in some of the other posts in this thread, people have done that. The results are certainly less than ideal, but if that ends up be
  15. I agree with several others that there could be some improvements; however, for the avatar pictures... i saw that you can change your packground, could you not then use a picture of yourself there? I haven't checked yet, so i'm not sure if that's possible. But if so, then it seems you could put a store logo or something in the small rectangle. Please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong on this. Having our Rez Day as the "Joined" date makes more sense to me, as well. If both could be displayed, or a choice with a distinction of which it was, that would be even better. I think i like it overa
  16. Welcome back, everyone! The new place looks pretty nice! A little rough around the edges, but that's to be expected for any new forum application. I'm sure some functions and features will get tweaked as time goes on, as the community gives feedback about it's collective preferences and needs. For instance, i would love to see the hover-text preview of threads. I haven't actually been to the forums yet, but i'm interested to see what my forum avatar looks like now.. not to mention having fun with updating it using those cool new backgrounds! I have to admit, they look great and seem like fun
  17. Awesome to see you interacting so thoroughly with, and for, the community! It means a lot to see you come back into these comments so long after this was initially posted! I just wanted to mention the Jira i had started, as the topics Fredrik brought up are specifically mentioned as "Opt-In for all profile widgets" instead of dealing with whether they should be web based or asking for a complete removal of certain items. This isn't to say other Jiras dealing with those topics are off-base, just that it's nice to get these things sectioned off on a "per issue" basis. (For instance, i haven't t
  18. Thank you for this information, Fredrik! While we'll still want widgets to be optional as well, this is certainly a marked improvement in the right direction! Hopefully this information will be posted in a new blog post soon? It seems important enough to have more attention than being buried here in the comments. I see some people saying that this isn't enough or asking how this could have been based on our feedback. First, no it isn't everything we have wished and hoped for... but let's not overlook the progress that has been made! This comment from Fredrik shows us that they are indeed list
  19. Welcome Rodvik! (officially) Between the information in the original blog post about you joining the Lab and the exploration and immersion you've expressed here, i'm looking forward to what visions you'll imbue Second Life with. You're previous personal works gave me the initial smile on my face, especially the explanation at the bottom of The Marriage (which i read after playing the game ). The recent socializing, building, exploring and scripting you've been involved in are encouraging to see, as well. Something that will probably be harder and harder to do is to spend time in-world. As m
  20. Fredrik, thank you for your repsonse. It's always great to have feedback within the blog comments, clarifying points while calling for additional feedback. I went back and added an addendum to the bottom of my Jira (https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3543) defining that I am talking about giving Residents the option as to whether the widget/button is shown on their profile. The function being available is a good thing. I explain it better in my Jira.
  21. You're welcome, Luc. And thanks for the vote!
  22. Please, Lindens! Make it so the users themselves are able to control how and where their profiles are visible and accessible! - Luc - Allow Residents to Opt-In to any and all profile widgets
  23. If they want to go square, then any Snapshot used will be squished. That really is not acceptable. Someone needs - if they are going to keep the AR to 1:1, to allow some simple editing program to select the square from the rectangular Snapshot. That would solve ALL squishing forever. Done. And they already have that option available in Jira. I actually just uploaded an avatar picture for it and had the cropping box to use on the pic before finalizing it. Seems like it should be simple enough to port that function over, no? OH! I forgot to add.. the inability to drop inventory on a
  24. First, the addition of a "Favorite Landmarks" login option is awesome! I'm sure it will see plenty of use and be a welsome addition to login options. (I love the concept of "options"!) Second, i don't know much about technical things, but it sounds like the new decompression should be a solid step forward. I hope we get to see some metrics on that in a future post! And now, of course, the widgets. Ugh. They would be great additions, if they were Opt-In and not No-Opt-At-All. Although, they do offer a proof of concept and i would be interested to see what other widgets we may be able to util
  25. A lot of great advancements here! I'm surprised the group limit being raised isn't being hailed as the beginning of a new era of awesomeness or something, after having been clamored after for several years now. Even still, i'm sure there will be many people thrilled at the new group limits. The other work looks impressive as well. The region crossing improvements look good, although i haven't really tested it myself. It does seem that there has been a noticable difference for several people in these comments, which is great to hear! I'm very interested to see how the new group chat pans out.
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