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oola Neruda

Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region.


I have been building for many years.  Recently, I decided to put a new build on my land.  After several days I began to get a notice and at the same time, I was unable to build.  This is the notice:  "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region."  

I searched for something that might be causing this by removing items that had recently been put into the build.  Eventually, i ended up removing the entire build.  I still get the notice.  

I have some other builds up in the sky but they have been there for many months... MANY months... without this problem. 

I do not know what could be preventing me from building.... the problem just occurred out of the blue and stripping the build did not solve it.

I just do not know what it means.... what am I looking for to solve this problem?


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Most likely, it is the region itself that's having problems, not anything that you've done.  If you own a private region, re-start it.  If you are leasing a parcel on an estate, contact the estate owner or manager and request a region re-start.  If you are on Mainland, use Live Chat to ask for a re-start, or file a support case.

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