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Looking for a friend!


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I don't know how to even start but here we go.

My name is Pixelberry resident, I have been on Second life for around 11 years and I'm still logging on quite often, so no this is not my first account.

I'm a 24 year old female and I live in Norway ( and I'm not single, just a heads up), so preferably I want to find friends who live in Europa, because of European times.

For a good while I have been sticking to myself, staying at my home and basically distancing myself from people, I do still chat with people trough IM's tho.

Because I have been used several times, gotten stolen from, gotten stalked and basically just overall been treated badly by people, several times.

And because of that I have become paranoid and more protective of myself, so basically that is why I'm lonely and just sticking to myself to not get hurt again.

And maybe, because I also struggle with social anxiety and depression. But once I get to know people, and feel safe around them, I will open up and be myself 100%.

But I'm now somewhat ready to meet new people, and try to get out of my shell.


Who am I?

To be honest I'm not 100% sure myself on who I really am, but all I can say is that I consider myself a kind person as long as people don't treat me as trash.

I'm also always honest to people, because I don't like to lie or sugar coat things. Unless I feel nervous and afraid that my honest answers will hurt people.

I consider myself a girl that got more of a boyish personality and a person that prefers male friends over female friends, because I more often have more in common with males than females.

I'm also a creative person who loves to rarely draw by hand, I also love to texture and create eyes and skins for anime avatars, I really love to decorate and landscape, and I love to really work hard on my avatar to make it look somewhat unique and make my profile look clean and pretty, anyways overall I'm just creative I guess.

I also really love to play games! At the moment I'm playing Apex legends, League of legends, Dead by daylight, Playerunknown's battlegrounds, Sims 4 and Minecraft. I have other games as well but I don't play them as often. But I'm a huge fan of fallout and Bioshock, just so you know.

I'm also a massive fan of horror movies or horror generally, It's almost the only genre I watch when it comes to movies, but I also love sci-fi.

I'm also a fan of anime/manga, but I wouldn't say that I watch anime that often and that I feel like only talking about that, but I sometimes do and it's been a part of me for several years.

I'm a person that highly dislikes people doing bad stuff such as: Copybotting, stealing, harassing and being unoriginal and just straight up being a bad person. I don't mind you, but I just want to avoid people like that.

I'm also this and that, but I think it's for the best that you get to know me yourself, if your interested that is.

I'm looking for:

- I'm looking for a long lasting friendship.

- A person that actually show that they care about other individuals.

- A person that I can play some of the games mentioned with.

- A person that writes/speaks English somewhat fluent, it doesn't have to be perfect but I need you to be understandable.

- A kind person, you don't need to be perfect. But don't be unnecessarily mean.

- A open-minded person.

- A person who got common sense.

- A person who are 21+ years old.

- A person who got some of the same interests as me, doesn't need to be all of them.

- Preferably a person living in Europa, because of European times.

- Preferably a male, but females are welcome too, don't be afraid to contact me.

- A person that roleplay, not needed but It would be fun to roleplay together sometimes ( Not sexually ).

- You don't have to be human, I accept any species, hellu aliens and fluffy friends.


I don't know what else to write honestly. So I will just end it here.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a great day ^ v ^


( Is there a way to delete the post later on? > v >'' )


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hi there!! I think i´d love to be your friend!

based on this post i already have a feeling we´ll probably get along lol, we have a lot in common and seem to share similar values regarding friendships. i have a tendency to distance myself from people aswell for various reasons, so i really relate to you on that. but i do have a want to be more social and build more friendships. im a creative person too, i draw and paint a lot in various mediums (in rl, im pretty new to sl so i havent figured out how to translate my art into some creative venture here... yet) video games are a big intrest of mine too! the only ones we seem to have in common are sims 4 and minecraft lol, but im always down to find new fun games to play!

i am a female and not a male, but other than that i think i might fit into most of what you´re looking for! AND im from sweden so were in the same timezone aswell yay!!

feel free to hit me up inworld if you want<3

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1537 days.

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