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How long does it usually take for a support ticket to be responded to?


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It all depends on the support case and when you file it.  If you are reporting that a mainland region is off line, it gets attention within 20 minutes, even on a weekend.  If you are reporting something that affects only you, but will involve a lot of complicated digging through records and therefore a bit of staff time, it could take a week or more -- lots more if your support case is poorly documented, long-winded, or hard to understand.  Extra time if it was submitted after office hours on Friday.  In general, though, a few days is pretty normal.

All of this is why it's a good idea to ask simple questions here in Answers.  If a question doesn't require triage by Linden Lab and doesn';t mean needing access to private information, the residents who answer here can generally respond faster than Linden Lab can -- and many of us have more in-world experience than the average Linden.  ;)

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