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Next version of Catznip?

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Hello again, everyone!


After my previous question regarding the Windlights (And a little grueling business the other day), I'm starting to wonder when the next version of Catznip will be rolled out. It's already been more than a year since the previous version came out. So...Does anyone here have any ideas? I also tried joining the Official Catznip Group and asking there twice, but I didn't receive a response. Anyway, please let me know...Thanks in advance!

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1 minute ago, CoffeeDujour said:

Next catznip is in limited beta right now (patreons), public beta soon, release sometime after soon.

Thank you. I did receive an answer within the Official Group as well about it coming this year. I can hardly wait...Meow! =^_^=

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Beta is beta, in that we might be testing something  / wanting feedback etc. It shouldn't ever be broken .. and if it is because we missed something .. then it wont stick around for long before we get a replacement out. There will always be bugs and little things we have missed and getting all those nailed down before we release is kind of why we have betas :)

We do tend to use the very latest code ourselves and stuff that's just really broken never gets inflicted on others.

Should have a public beta out very soon though, maybe even later today all being well.

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You know I said soon .. I ment now. Like RIGHT NOW.

A notice has been sent to the Catznip group with a download link, the website isn't updated yet and will probably wait till tomorrow or something now.

Catznip Group : 


(Paste in local chat, hit enter, click the link and join, then look up past notices)

Release notes etc etc will follow, this is a fairly large update over the previous release.

Please use the in viewer 'Feedback' button to report any issues.


EDIT : Ok, we got the website updated, still .. join the group if you're not in it and use the FEEDBACK button to report EVERYTHING (it's up next to your L$ balance)


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