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AmayaRin Darkstone

rotating object with animations off sim?

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hello :) I have a short question: is it possible to make a rotating object with animations off sim? I tried several possibilities, but the problem was, that everything was rotating, but not the animations. could anyone help? the object is a pool ring.

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I suppose you mean omega rotation (the kind you get with the rotations cript in the library) and it can sometimes be a little bit problematic for offsim objects.

The point is that there is no such thing as an offsim object in Second Life really. That is, you can't place an object outside the sim - what you can do, is extend it outside the sim's border. Typically, you make a linkset with the root prim on the sim and one or more child prims (and/or sculpts and/or meshes) off the sim.

If you apply omega rotation to the root prim, the whole linkset will rotate around the root prim's center and that means the offsim parts will only appear offsim for less than half the time. You don't want that of course. If you apply omega rotation to a child prim, that child prim - and only that child prim - will rotate around its own center and that doesn't usually make much sense for a pool ring either of course.

I'm afraid the only solution is to use a scripted sequence of movements.

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