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Tdubb Thorne

Using multiple programs for creation

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So I am a Texture Artist and 3D Modeler in RL and have been away from Second Life for the past 7 or so years. Now that I actually have the knowledge and skills to create 3D assets, etc. due to my schooling and being in the video game industry, I am curious about a few things....    This Blender, is it the only program that is compatible with Second Life or can other software be use as well such as an Autodesk program like Maya or Max, etc.  I am interested in texturing skins as well, can they be exported out and used in Photoshop? I'm sure there is some licensing guidelines, but what if all your software is all licensed???

I know, I could go on, just want to catch the ear of someone that knows such things, Thanks.

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6 hours ago, Tdubb Thorne said:

Never-mind, I found what I needed, now I just need to figure out how to delete posts, hehe

If you find out how to delete posts, please come back and tell us!

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