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  1. I use many texture organizers. Free and paid ones For me, the best two ones are not free : 1- Texture and sculpties organizer from IOL : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/IOL-Texture-Organizer-Sculpty-Support-50-Folders/641721 2- Texture and Sculpt Organizer V2 from Kinex : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KinEx-Texture-and-Sculpt-Organizer-V2/775098
  2. Happy new year to all ! The best thing to do is to share with us the answer you found to your question. I'm curious and want to learn.
  3. For big builds as yours, it is fo sure better to make it in different parts. So more easy to manage, more easy for more textures et and less heavy mostly of time.
  4. Hi, it is sure the deadline is finished. About the floor : you need to revert face on sketchup that's why it is invisible in SL. About textures : The solution I found for that is to texturise with planner but it is not allways beautiful. As suggested by Chic Aeon, You need to MAP the textures to your model by unwrapping. I heard about but don't know how. You and I must learn to do it on blender. As explained, the physics must be a build in same sizes as the main one where you put walls or cubes where avatar don't have to walk and ope where avatar can walk About export/import/export : When finished on sketchup, the best method I found is to export as 3ds format. You import to blender, you select all (A and A) and you join all (Ctrl + J) and you export as Dae. You have to do same for the physic build. I'm not sure if what I said has sense, but it works with me. I have two big problems : the LI is not so good optimizing and the texture. Working with sketchup is a real pleasure. I dream to find people using sketchup to second life so we can exchange tips.
  5. as tu essayé de te connecter avec le viewer officiel de Linden ? Sinon essaye de désinstaller ton viewer et de réinstaller.
  6. Il ne s'agit certainement pas de filmer les ébats de l'avatar ni non plus de dévoiler le nom RL de cet avatar. Je vous conseillerais de faire un tour sur les sims ou sims adultes et de réaliser un travail d'investigation et de découverte. Vous trouverez certainement des personnes qui témoigneront de leurs expériences. Quelles sont les motivations ? financières, expérimentales, psychologiques, amusement... etc
  7. Je ne vois pas très bien le rapport de SL avec une connexion wifi qu'elle soit à partir d'un clé wifi ou autre. Par contre la connexion internet peut être effectivement défectueuse ou le début faible.
  8. Very good job and blog. Thank you for sharing
  9. I use this tool https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SL-Transaction-Viewer-Manage-and-Show-your-Transactions/348504 It is not bad for its price. But i need some other options, so i am thinking to go back on Excel.
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