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Seeking to hire someone to make custom hair

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Haiz, Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to view this post. 
I am looking for someone who'd be able to make custom hair based on an original character?
I'm trying to create my main OC in Secondlife, but I can't find any hairstyles currently available on marketplace that matches his hair. 
If someone is willing to do this for me, Please tell me how much you'd like for making it and any rules you may have. 
I will PM the one I hire the link to his character's bio with all his artwork so you'll have references. Please include examples, if possible! ^w^ 

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@Jade Currier 
I searched for his name but, no matches were found. 
I tried both, the forum search and the In-game search. 

Would you happen to have a link to his profile/In-game shop (If he has one)?

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