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  1. Or what program is used to create hair for avatars? Curious.
  2. @Jade Currier I searched for his name but, no matches were found. I tried both, the forum search and the In-game search. Would you happen to have a link to his profile/In-game shop (If he has one)?
  3. @Jade Currier Ok! Thank you for your suggestion! I will try and talk with him. <3
  4. Haiz, Everyone! Thank you for taking the time to view this post. I am looking for someone who'd be able to make custom hair based on an original character? I'm trying to create my main OC in Secondlife, but I can't find any hairstyles currently available on marketplace that matches his hair. If someone is willing to do this for me, Please tell me how much you'd like for making it and any rules you may have. I will PM the one I hire the link to his character's bio with all his artwork so you'll have references. Please include examples, if possible! ^w^
  5. I'm not sure why these aren't available yet XD But, I was hoping if someone, whom can create mesh objects, could make a pair of Lombax ears for an Avatar. I have tried making them myself in Blender. Watched, only God knows how many, tutorials but, I still fail so hard.. So, if someone out there with the free time, kindness, willingness and, mad skillz, could make those ears for me and all the other Ratchet and Clank fans of SL, We'd all GREATLY appreciate it!!! Like, you don't know how much we'd thank you. O.o You could also sell them on the market place ^,..,^
  6. I started having problems with the in-game browsers, everytime I tried to open search, profiles, ect, The dialog box that comes up always remained black, and I couldn't do anything with them but, close it. And, nothing I did fixed it. So, I uninstalled SL and tried to redownload it.. But, now it's saying, "Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer/slplugin.exe" And, Then it asks me if I want to abort, retry or ignore... Can someone, please, tell me how to fix this? EDIT~ Ok, Thanks guys for helping me figure out the anti-virus program deal. But, I still can't reinstall the viewer. However, I have installed Firestorm and it works fine. But, the offical viewer still will not let me open search or profiles, ect. :/And, still has the error when reinstalling the offical viewer.. Is there anywhere I can just download the slplugin.exe? That's what I'm missing and can't seem to fix through simply redownloading.
  7. If anyone could tell me how to make it myself, I'd love to. Or advice on creating things like this.
  8. I am modding an TWI Feral Fox to look like Kyuubimon from Digimon. All I need commissioned is the ribbon that's around the characters neck. I would love to find someone who is welling to make the ribbon. If you believe you could help, I am welling to pay. I'll just need a price range. Also, If someone is able to make the flamey fur like paws and/or tails, that would be awesome. I'll pay for them, aswell. But, all I really need is the ribbon, I have normal fox tails for now. Thanks alot for your time! X3 P.S. You can also catch me in-game, Names Cougare.
  9. I cancelled my Premium membership because, I didn't like it, It wasn't for me. But, on my account summary, it shows on the land holdings section that the total monthly cost is $5.00... Am I being charged still? If somehow SL is still charging me, How do I get rid of it? I don't want SL charging me for land I can't use... Thanks for your time X3
  10. K. Thanks for the help! X3 Your awesome!
  11. Sweet. Thanks. ^w^ How would you get a place/land to rent out? I'm interested in doing that.
  12. I'v been playing SL now for almost two months and still have some Qs.. If someone has the time to answer them, I'd be thankful. X3 1. Do linden dollars expire? (I said it was a goal I set to become a SL millionair and someone told me that L expires.. Then someone else said they don't. so...?) 2. The home you get with premium membership, is it rentable? if so, how do you go about renting it and if not, what kind of homes are? 3. Does monthy premium membership charge automatically? If not, can you set it up too? Thanks for your time. X3 And sorry if this is in the wrong topic.. I couldn't find a "help" Board.
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