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I am guessing you want it for a marketplace listing?  You "could" go to the gacha event website and download it from the listings. I haven't actually seen any of those websites that forbid downloading the keys.  You could of course take a screenshot of the key in your viewer window and crop. I see gacha keys all over so I am wondering why the creator would make the key no copy. They may of course not WANT you to be able to use it :D. So that is something to consider also.  

You could always do the "due diligence" thing and write the creator and ask. Since reselling is a big part of the gacha business, it SEEM like creators would be on board with folks using their keys in the resell process, but I may be out of touch with what some creators think. Wouldn't be the first time :D.  Mine are completely free to use in the resale process LOL.





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