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Is there a fee for using airspace from airports on the SL Grid?


My flight attempts has a "vanishing" plane act with settings from graphics to script wear in order.

I joined SL Aviation, but see no-fee's for using the airspace to fly the plane. The ratio for completing a flight plan,

is about (2) out of (7) attempts. Other than joining the airport group, is there something I don't know about using the airspace, Is the grid airspace "free" at all?

even after given a invite notice to use a airports rental units for fun.  I do find driving cars the most stable, boat driving with some "vanishing" happens second, while flying planes is the most disrupted to discourage using the plane inventory with no-fun with the passengers.                                                                                  

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I have the opposite experience...better luck with aviation, less with land vehicles.

But with any SL vehicle, the main problem is region crossings.  Whenever you move from one region to another, all the data that defines your avatar, your attachments, and your movement has to be handed off from one server to another.  This can take several seconds.  While it's happening, strange things can take place.  At the least, there's a visible hiccup.  Your controls may seem to lock up, often for several seconds, and then there is a big jump and you're back in control again.  If the process fails, you can find yourself flying through the air without a plane, or on the ocean bottom, or deep underground.  Your avatar's animations may be so stuck that you'll need to re-log.

Besides region crossings, people with security orbs or banlines can present hazards to navigation.

Parcels that already have all the prims they can support are hazardous.  If you try to fly into one, it may let YOU fly in, but stop your plane at the border.  Oops.

There are some things you can do to help SL along.

  • Remove complex attachments
  • Remove as many scripted items as you can
  • FLY SLOW when crossing region boundaries.  Fast jets are more prone to crashes than slow helicopters.
  • Cross region boundaries at right angles, while flying level.
  • Don't cross regions at the corners
  • Keep the main Map open, to avoid VOID areas of the grid 
  • Use a Ban Line HUD to detect banlines and full parcels in advance, and avoid them
  • Fly at 100m or above to avoid banlines 
  • Don't carry a lot of passengers.  Yeah, I know, this sort of goes counter to the "airline" roleplay, but still.

And no, nobody I know charges fees to use their airport, let alone their airspace.

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