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I gave up on Firestorm for Mac 64-5-0-1-52150.

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I finally have given up on the latest version of Firestorm (64-5-0-1-52150).   Aside from the fact that it crashes every time it quits, it is just full of those kind of annoying "features" that are not awful or clear enough to report as a bug, but make an application really awful to use.  

Top of the list:

1) Avatar freezes, requiring restart of AO, and force quitting animations.

2) Mesh is ripped to shreds in the oddest ways when transporting.   Happens so often I just expect to restart mesh head and body.

3) Control of avatars is spotty, one of those things you know is broken, but what exactly.

I just got tired of seeing a report going to Apple each time I opened the app, and downgraded painlessly to the previous version.

Yeah there were some nice improvement, especially in creation and navigation, but this was one of the worst apps I have ever used on the Mac.   I am spoiled, apps just don't crash on the Mac, there are other issues, but crashing, seldom.

Downgrading was painless.   I always worry about Firestorm, no other Mac app makes such a fuss about a "clean install."   

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