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Qie Niangao

Any TPVs show Build attributes of objects owned by others?

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I'm easily bewildered by the vast array of features in viewers such as Firestorm, so I may have simply missed it:

We can use the Build tool to edit our own Modifiable objects and see the "Object" tab populated with position, rotation and other details, and the centroid of the object is adorned with a little X/Y/Z compass rose-like gizmo, but (at least in the Linden viewer) that doesn't show for objects that we can't move.

Scripts can, however, gather most of that information - particularly, for my purposes, the object's orientation - so it's no secret, we just aren't able to change those attributes.

For a specific need, I hacked up a little thing that shows the object's X/Y/Z orientation, and that "scratched my itch" for now, but lest I unleash this thing for others to use: Is this already a feature of some TPVs?

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