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New way for be scamming ?

christy Melson

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Today seems some pratice by resident who don t miss imagination to get your item free ?


Story : today i check my marketplace , and see i have selling an big pack of clothe 5250 linden , but my account money not corresponding with the sell added .... i see than linden labs charging me the 5 % fees as usual and this ok ...

But Linden Labs repossess me 4987 Linden  With CSR Adjust .....  that mean for me i sell my item and same time i receved 0 linden .... send ticket an wait for explanation of this ....

 in same time i contact the women in world who receved my pack from an men as gift ... she told me i don t know this men and reported him to linden labs and she send me an note card too for i look the collection of gift she receved from this guy  and say i  trash all the gift she receved , True or not ?????

she told me linden send me back my pack item , i want ask where ? for the moment i have 4987 out of my account ...


That why i ask here if this is an new pratice to scamm people ???  purchase , report and get item free ???? 

Where is protection of the vendor here ?   i hope get my money back from linden labs or that me who go report this plotting for fraud scamm


best regards

thank you 


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If LL have refunded someone else but not transferred the L$ back to you then you should file a ticket.


They are somewhat obliged to either return the money to you and if they do this, they should remove the item from the recipients inventory.


In any case, if you are out of pocket and assuming that someone else has been refunded, they should still remove the item from the recipients inventory.


I'm not sure it's what I'd call a scam, just very poor actions by LL, if it's exactly as you describe.


Open a support case.

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Some how I can't see LL refunding the gift-giving guy's money because the girl he was trying to impress complained she didn't know him. Their usual reaction would be that if he buys no-trans gifts for strangers, and gets no friendly response, that is his problem, and his business transaction with you would stand.


This is especially true if they are getting 5% of the sale price on an expensive item.


Only reason i can think of for them removing this guys payment from your account is if there was some question of fraud on his part in obtaining or using the money, for example somebody 'hacking' his account and spending his cash without his permission, or his creditcard company refusing payment of his bill etc.


You didnt't lose money, money came in then went away again, what you lost was 1 copy of a box of stuff that you had on the MP (unless you are reselling no-copy gatcha) and I doubt LL will make a habit of refunding your customers purchases.


Wait and see what response you get from the ticket, odds are it's concerned with questions of financial irregularity on the part of the guy who bought from you.

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the women send me all gift she receved in one note card and trust me ....  there is a lot not only 1 from my market, and it seems all gift coming from 3 different men avatar

and different shop from Marketplace ..  a lot of rare , ultra rare , complete set  and many rare item ... and the best of the best she receved 9 coke from aeros lmao ...


i think that the same person hacking an account and put gift to her from the 3 account ...

yes i filled an ticket to linden but the more funny its linden labs take his fees 263 tax transaction  in this story too ....


now i wait they refund me in item or money , my market is not responsible of some hacker do next in world ..

for me that an complete set , for some other in this story that lot of items from their shop 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2070 days.

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