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Can someone please help me??

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Hi!! I been in sl since 2012 and have never had this problem I am hoping someone can help me...

A few days ago My computer did a windows update..I have windows 10

After the update I logged onto sl and noticed I was so laggy I could barely move...so I logged off and did a system restore to undo the update....logged back into sl and there was noo Change i was still very laggy, so I uninstalled firestorm the newest veiwer and did a clean install when I was installing it said sl was already installed but it wasnt because I removed all folders and uninstalled from programs..

I have done everything I can think to do I dont know what else to do I even made sure my drivers was up to date.

System processor 

AMD A10-5800K APU with Radeon(tm) HD graphics 3.80GHz 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor

4.00 GB

thank you for any help I can get


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I don't/won't use win 10 but...


I've had problems in the past with win updates causing some apps, particularly those that use opengl like SL, to glitch/fail.


Sometimes you get a win update that stomps on your graphics drivers, particularly the  files used to enable opengl, part of the global MS directx conspiracy to make eveyone use their system...


Reinstall your graphics cards latest drivers, if it is a Windon't auto-fubar-date opengl sabatage, reinstalling the  bespoke drivers for your card *should* fix it.

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I can say that AMD graphics do not perform as well as Nvidia does *in SL*. I can tell you I use W/10 Home x64 (AMD graphics card) on only one of my pcs on my home network & I use Linux on the others, so as to post accurate answers; instead of reading off some LL/SL notes. I do know on my W/10 pc there were recently "AMD" graphics drivers updates. I suspect this maybe your problem. Perform a clean install of your AMD APU driver this means removing ALL AMD folders off your drive C, ( be sure to re-boot your pc after uninstalling your current graphics driver & be sure to turn off your antivirus protection BEFORE installing your graphics driver) also when removing Firestorm you need to remove all Firestorm folders **& secondlife folders too (re-boot your pc) before re-installing any other viewer. In addition, before the viewer re-installation process make sure you first turn off your antivirus protection.. You are using  AMD-APU graphics, so I advise you to try the latest (2017) Singularity-Windows x64 viewer; instead of Firestorm. 

Build 6915


You have another issue too, not enough RAM. IF possible & your motherboard will hold it you need a min. 10GB...12GB would be better if you spend long sessions in SL. This RAM advice is based upon my recent testing of both Firestorm & Singularity (2017) viewers on W/10 Home x64 & current Debian Linux distros too. Furthermore, make sure your Windows power plan is not set to "balanced", but to "high performance" (Bing this info) Also, there are services you can disable in W/10 that will increase overall performance. Type: services in the Cortana search box & click on "services desktop app...a new window will open to a list of services. Double click on each one I list below one at a time & a smaller window will appear to the right of "startup type click on that down arrow...select "disable"...click on "Apply"...click on "OK"...after disabling the ones I list below re-boot your pc I am assuming you do not use Fax, or a Xbox:

(3) Xbox services

ALL Hyper-V services

Microsoft SMS router service

Fax service


(3) Sensor services

Connected User Experiences & Telemetry

Hope this helps some of you!!

"I Love Simplicity"


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2637 days.

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