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Considering the Possibility of Renting A Spare Bedroom or Two I have In my House

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Howdy everyone:

I am considering the possibility of renting either one or both spare bedrooms that I have in my house.  Anyone who would rent a bedroom would have almost full use of the house.  The only rooms that would be off limits are my bedroom and it's master bathroom.  But I'm wondering if anyone has rented out parts of their homes before?  If so, what are some things/ground rules I should consider setting for tenants?  Also my rates would be 50L$ weekly for 50 prims or 100L$ weekly for 100 prims.  50 for furnished room, 100 for unfurnished room.  I also want to be able to do what I can for my tenants too such as change the wall and floor if needbe in the room as well.  What do you all think about this?  This doesn't seem too common in SL.

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People get roommates all the time.  You can advertise here in the forums for them if you don't already have someone in mind.  I can't say anything about the rent you want to charge or the amount of prims your giving them because I don't know what your rent is or how many free prims you have. 

However here is a list of things to think about regarding house rules:

Exactly when the rent is due.  Specify a day of the week, such as 'by noon SLT on Sundays'

They have to pay the rent on time and if they can't notify you and explain the situation so you can see if you are willing to accept late payment (of course after they establish a good history of paying on time!).

If you allow any automatic grace period for rent payment (like 3 days)

You should also spell out how you feel about

  • having people over to spend the night
  • having SLex in your house, if you don't want them too
  • having parties and if allowed how many people can they have at the party
  • when they can have visitors over, if you want to restrict the times of day
  • what happens if you can't get along with them (as opposed to an eviction for cause), how much notice they'll get to move out etc.
  • if they can rez things in common rooms or not or only in their bedrooms
  • any prohibitions against bad language in public chat or with you in IM, if you care about that
  • any other behaviors that would be 'deal breakers' for you that would impede the enjoyment of your home.

Put in a phrase that you have a right to evict them anytime they break the rules, without notice, and return their stuff.  If you have to do this that you aren't responsible if you do return it and SL loses it.  (If you ever have to do this, I'd send them a notecard explaining why, then ban them and probably mute them too so they don't cause you trouble)

That you have a right to change the rent amount or the rules at any time with X number of days notice.

Put it all in writing on a notecard that is no mod, no transfer and give it to them to read before they pay you and move in.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2557 days.

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