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Deploys for the Week of 2011-04-04

Oskar Linden

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There were some mysql failures with the public wiki last night that prevented me from updating the release notes when I would regularly have done so. Things are back on track now and I have the public wiki pages updated. 


Second Life Server (main channel)
We promoted the "Estate Transfer Limits" project from Magnum this week. This project implements adjusted behaviour limiting L$, IM, and object transfer for accounts who are limited to estates.
Second Life RC BlueSteel
This is again the "Inventory Capabilities" project which adds new capabilites to the agent ds hosts to support "Accept-Encoding: gzip". This will allow faster inventory responses when viewers support it. 
Second Life RC LeTigre
This is again a maint-server branch that contains a few minor bug fixes and security patches.
Second Life RC Magnum
Monty's "Fast Assets" project. The goal of this project is to increase the speed of asset retrieval by the simulator. Long simulator asset queue lengths result in huge delays in asset loads for users. By allowing simultaneous asset downloads we can increase the quality of the experience.
We will be monitoring this thread during the next week so please feel free to post issues that you feel have been introduced by the new code. Please file a JIRA for issues you find and post the JIRA link into this thread. It really helps us out. When determining if issues are relevant or not research is key. Tracking down exactly the right situation where an issue is occurring greatly speeds up the development process to get fixes in place.
I appreciate your help. Have a good week!
p.s. If you are interested in helping test SecondLife in beta please join the group "Second Life Beta" in-world. We also have an email list where we communicate upcoming projects and how you can help. ( https://lists.secondlife.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/server-beta ) Once a week we meet on ADITI to discuss new features, new bugs, new fixes, and other fun stuff. You are more than welcome. Information is here: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Server_Beta_User_Group


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You can run, Oskar, but you can't hide!  Hmm, smileys are broken again....

On TPing from one server version to another lately textures have been very slow to load if returning to Main server version from Magnum regions...any thoughts on that Oskar?  Will have to see if this restart set changes matters.  I'm running (horror) Phoenix 977, if it helps.

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  • Lindens

Hi Ayesha, my best guess about your texture loading issue is that HTTP texture fetching somehow got disabled after you TPed, causing the viewer to use the legacy UDP fetching method instead, which is slower.  The official 2.5 and 2.6 viewers have viewer metrics logging which could prove or disprove this theory (by providing details about how texture assets were fetched), but I don't think Phoenix includes that feature.

The Magnum RC channel has had the "Estate Transfer Limits" project for the past few weeks, which shouldn't affect texture asset fetching (the changes are mostly for preventing IMs and object transfers for 'special' accounts).  This project was promoted to the main channel this morning, so it would be interesting to see if your texture fetching speed issue goes away or becomes more widespread.

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Thanks for the comments, Maestro.:smileyhappy:

I don't think it is the texture-fetching as such, 'cos there is no  Post-TP change in the fetching route.  I have a way of checking....  However, it does seem more widespread after the RC rolls this week, so why that should be I do not know.

I don't/can't use v2.xx yet on my set up, so I cannot follow your path.

For a while I thought that it was a consequence of some tweak hitting my GPU function, but that might be via the Phoenix set up too, so I'm none the wiser.  Hohum.

It's not a show-stopper, but it is irritating.

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Just to add a bit more detail after a few hours online:


Sculpties, or rather how they are seen, are badly affected by this new server software and scripts run a bit glitchily - i.e. looping scripts show distinct pauses in the loop - I guess they are running slowly?

The sculpty issue is affecting other viewers and GPUs than mine  (nVidia GT9400 SSE2 PCI) depite whatever LOD setting used.  The worst affected items are sculpty trees actually.

Now this is widely affecting the Main Server set now, so your guys need to determine what it is that is in this software that is affecting such items.  There is no doubt in my mind that this issue has got a great deal worse following this week's rolls.

Now it might be an issue that selectively affects 1.xx viewers worse than 2.xxs, but there's a lot of us out here, we pay your salaries, so come on, sort this out.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3887 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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