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few linden short from my Market item that was sold


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NekoLoveheart5weet wrote:[ .... ]

not sure how to reply but how and when? as i got full payment before you cna't take people % with out noticing them frist or signing a agree witch i never got and before i was getting full price explain that please

i seen link that if you chioce to be on homepage, 
Category Landing Page, Category Landing Page, L$0 Cart Checkout Ads Page you pay but is this not against my consumer rights? to just drop the bomp like that explain to me how that work as it not clear to me? do i need to call linden lab or people about my consumer rights? as well that not 5% it be 45 then? so this bull **bleep** sorry to say

You did agree to the terms and conditions the instant that you created your store. Look at the top of the page that I gave you the link to.  It says right there:

Before buying or listing items for sale on the Second Life Marketplace (SL Marketplace), please read carefully this policy and the Second Life Terms of Service. By using the SL Marketplace, you agree to both this policy and the Terms of Service.

Seller Terms

SL Marketplace Fees and Commissions. Merchants pay these fees and commissions on the SL Marketplace.

SL Marketplace Listing Guidelines. Merchants must follow these guidelines when listing items for sale on the SL Marketplace.

The lesson here is to always be sure to read what you are agreeing to.  And don't complain about paying a L$3 commission (about 1 penny) on a L$50 sale (about 20 cents).

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