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.How do I move to another sl house?


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You are talking about the Linden Houses? The one, that you can claim as a premium member? Because in general houses and proberty does not work that way, so the answer to your question depends greatly on that detail.

If I'm guessing correct and you are asking about Linden Houses: To change to another house, you first need to abond the one you currently have and then pick a new one from your dashboard on the Second Life website. Keep in mind that you can only deciede for a new style of home, but have no influence on where that house is located.

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As Syo says, for a Linden Home:

  • Stand in the home.  
  • Take all your stuff back into your inventory
  • Go to World/Parcel Details, click the Abandon button
  • Go to the SL website and choose another Linden Home style

If you don't like your new home, you can repeat this process, up to five times per day.

If you are renting a house from someone else, or have land on a private estate, just...move out.

If you own other mainland, you can Abandon it just as you would a Linden Home, but you can also put it up for sale.  This can help recover some or all of your purchase cost, but it could take a while to sell.  You'll continue to pay tier on the land until it does sell.

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