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So I downloaded second life yesterday. Bought and avatar. Everything was working and loading fine. I log in this morning, everything was fine then suddenly, out of nowhere, my screen (ingame) goes grey, like it lost all colour and it freezes. Figured that it must have been a disconnect so I log out. I log back in and everything is absent except a few features. Tells me its downloading, but tis taking FOREVER. Literally. Sit there for 20 mins and nothing has changed. I try to teleport somewhere but it logs me out.

This happens several times. I pick a different destination in the log in screen, I log in and it's fine. The area loads perfectly well. But for some reason, the game WILL NOT let me visit the places I previously have been to, which sucks because as a new player these are the only places I'm familiar with. I got frustrated so I uninstalled and reinstalled, only to have the SAME ISSUES.

I checked my net and it's downloading at 4 mb/s. I can go to other places jsut fine. Why on earth can I not go back to the places I'm familiar with? I'm so confused and angry. Here's an example of what I'm looking at when I try to go somewhere familiar:

This **bleep** never loads.


Even my friend's list refuses to load.


If I try to teleport somewhere that I've been to, I get this.


This message pops up too.


What I've done to try fix the problem:

*Uninstall and Reinstall Second Life Viewer

* Cleared my cache

* Teleported in and out



Please help. This is frustrating me to no end. Not a good start. 

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If you are only having these problems when logging into or after teleporting into one certain region, it is very likely a problem with the region itself.

The region location isn't visible on your images so I can't check.

All your symptoms suggest that region has capabilities failure - any service that uses caps will be broken.

A region with caps fail will be broken for everyone.  A region restart will fix that.

Usual symptoms of caps fail are - all friend list names will display as "Loading...", groups list will be empty, no mesh will rez, voice will not connect, inability to initiate any IM sessions, disconnect when teleporting out of the region.

If only yourself has the problem on that region or you have the same problem on all (or most) regions, it's most likely to be a DNS problem at your end. This will cause the same set of symptoms as caps fail because the DNS problem means that you failed to get the caps locally.

This kind of DNS problem doesn't happen that much these days.  Switching over to Google DNS should fix it.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2978 days.

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