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Hello,I paid like always the rent for my land .but the owner not allow me to use it .


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16:33] jad75: i was always rent so
[16:34] jad75: pleas allow me to use the land
[16:35] jad75: i paid yesterday also the land
[16:36] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): 30L
[16:36] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): need purchase the land
[16:36] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): and pay
[16:36] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): the week
[16:36] jad75: i paid 4 weeks
[16:37] jad75: i sent the transaktion
[16:38] jad75: so i rent always her
[16:38] jad75: here
[16:38] jad75: [2016/01/19 15:05] jad75: 2016-01-18 17:03:27 6297d01c Destination: Origa3D Resident
Region: Tyson
Beschreibung: Tier Terminal 5 *** FWI *** L$5092 L$1930
[16:39] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): to Origa sir
[16:39] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): to me no
[16:39] jad75: for 4 weeks just yesterday
[16:39] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): origa no pay the regin
[16:39] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): and my company take back
[16:39] jad75: but i rent by the way like it is
[16:39] jad75: i not know other way
[16:39] jad75: i think not me wrong
[16:45] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): now the land is from blanxi estates
[16:45] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): you pay to origa
[16:45] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): no to me
[16:45] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): need ask with opriga for your refound
[16:45] jad75: but hiw can i know this i rent it ago and i did paid like always
[16:46] jad75: then pleas wait to see him online
[16:47] jad75: and pleas take the sale boeard off from the land
[16:48] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): please ask with origa
[16:48] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): you pay to origa
[16:48] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): no to me
[16:49] jad75: then for wich land did i rent yesterday
[16:49] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): (Beschäftigt-Nachricht): Hello! If you are looking for a land or need help for your land and dont get a quick answer from me please feel free to contact any worker from Blanxi's Staff in Our Office: Blanxi Estates Holding (64,164,26) Im pretty sure they will love to help you. Too can visit our Web http://blanxiestates.com 24/7 Live Chat/Ticket Support
[16:49] jad75: i not paid him at IM
[16:50] jad75: I was by the rentale place
[16:50] jad75: Tyson (133,100,25)
[16:50] jad75: at terminal
[16:50] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): NO JAD
[16:51] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): origa no enter more to sl
[16:51] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): he no pay the region to me
[16:51] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): origa was ahve 12 regiosn with my company
[16:51] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): and my company no recive the last payment
[16:51] jad75: understand
[16:51] jad75: but he was the one who made the rent
[16:51] jad75: and I rent like always
[16:51] jad75: and sorry when i say not my wrong
[16:52] jad75: you was allowed him this
[16:52] jad75: not me
[16:54] jad75: he worked by you not by me
[16:55] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): origa never work for me
[16:55] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): was rent from my compnay
[16:55] jad75: of course
[16:55] jad75: he was always allowed of this land
[16:56] jad75: he was the one who made everythings for the rent
[16:56] jad75: and now if they are off isnt my roblem
[16:56] jad75: why you allow this then all the time?
[16:56] jad75: both are france
[16:56] jad75: and maybe the same
[16:56] jad75: where i do know
[16:57] jad75: i will tomorrow call sl about german phone number
[16:57] jad75: and i will ask for my rights
[16:58] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): sure no problem
[16:59] DjXino K-Bazh (xino.knave): i am peruvian man

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1) Please remove all names and the conversation from your post. Neither is allowed by the TOS.

2) That said, and having read it anyway, my advise for you is to move ASAP. It looks like you were speaking to the actual land owner. What he is trying to say, I think, is that he rented the land to the person you were leasing it from.

That is called sub-leasing and this is a horrible ways to lease. The real owner of the parcel and region can ban you for any reason whatsoever or as in this case, kick off the person you were leasing from. He is under no obligation to honor your agreement with the previous tenant.

This is a Resident - Resident dispute and you have no recourse about getting your $Lindens back. Linden Lab will not intervene in these kinds of disputes.

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You are out of luck, I'm afraid.

Here is what happened.

You are Person C.

Person A owns the land.  He leased some of the land to Person B.  Person B then rented some or all of his land to you.

Person B didn't pay his rent to Person A.  Person A kicked him off the land and took it back.  

You have no business relationship with the owner, Person A.  He has no obligation to rent the land to you, or to give you any sort of a refund.  You have no rights whatsoever, and the only thing you can try to do is get back your money from Person B.  Good luck with that.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2820 days.

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