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Friends, i want you !

JJack Montreal

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Hello everyone

Sorry for spelling or grammar errors, english is not my native tongue. ;)

I just returned in sl from a long period and blablablba, i guess you start to get used to this kind of post ... :)


So i just returned and had to clean up my friend list since in almost 2 months no one showed up. But meanwhile i added few interessting people that i share some interest with. But those few people are not enough to satisfy my huge need to socialize and have fun :D

Im a lively guy, childish on the borders, but in the good way :)

I like to explore the so changed SL, but with people, using all interactive stuff those good people that owns land placed for us like kids in a huge virtual playground !!! *takes a breath*

I enjoy music, especially live events that i think harder to find those day compared when i was here many second life generations ago, i can endure DJ's stuff but to me its not pure, i like to listen true performance. But nightclubs and dance on stream music is cool too :D

Dont takes me wrong .. it is not a despair looks for friend thread ...:)

It is a tread for those who makes despair i looks for friends tread :D

It is now your chance to be in the friendlist of one of the most lively and clowny crazy monkey in SL, dont miss it :D (haha it is not narcissism:) Hahaha im just a one man show :D

More seriously now, just want to spend good time with friends, male or female, dont mind who you are and how you enjoy SL, as long you a good soul oriented, i dont hang with evil and bitchy people, I dont mind the person behind the avatar, to me in SL i just want to share with the soul behind it. So i dont neither mind gay friends but dont expect me to hang at gay place oftenly :D And be aware gay female, i will try to seduce you :) Im so funny that you will surely turn hetero :D

But appart being a childish funny monkey, im also a a rational thinker and like philosophy and deeps thinking so im kinda in all level range for all sort of people. I can digest light and heavier stuff, but only a slight doze of absurd.. so stupid asses, this is not a call for you :)

I want to make close sl friends since i dont want a facebook friendlist in SL, people that contact me ill do my part to be disponible to them (or i wouldnt had post this tread) as i expect them to know or remember why they added me. After a moment of ininterraction i drop friends, only keep people that is for special purpose, like family that not log often.


And this offer also for those with friends already and want to add up a new lively crazy monkey to their daily sl life:)


Hope to see you in game people have a nice day ! :D





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And just in case (this without emoticon for those too sensitive to happiness and expressive manners, and believe me its hard to not put a smile at the end of this line)  gnnnn *POP*:D  ( sorry couldnt resist ...) haha

I dont mean to keep this tread alive, is just an offer to individual people that looks for people to hang out, im inviting them to contact me online and enjoy second life togheter and with tiers, you know the saying friend of my friend is my friend.

Im SL social not forum social, i come here rarely, mainly for specific purpose, usually meshing stuff but today friend forum, can i ? And believe me in others tread i barely use emoticon since that technical chat. So here is more a social purpose sentences must imply more emotions than dull technical chat. Sorry that light reached some bottomless pit's darkness,

Im not the kind of guy that log in sl and dont know what to do and go scan forum in search of something to sabotage or stain.

So i leave this tread in the library of forum as food for trolls if they think it worth it, the most important is the original up there where i invite people to friendship, whaterver you looks for friendly people in a couple of weeks or months and see this invit, dont be shy and try.

If any of you feel to react in a way or another to this tread i invite you to contact me in sl, it will be a pleasure to talk about it.

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