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Circe Ishtari

Paypal Issues, can't upgrade to Premium


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lo Paris,


thank you for the reply, yes I have  Linden Research, Inc./paypal@lists.lindenlab.com etc.

at my paypal details (profile...), it shows the agreement I did before, SL let me click

2 buttons and lead me to paypal to accept the agreement to transfer funds.



Ok, here again what I've done so far:


1. Age verified

2. Update Billing Info -> Paypal -> continued to paypal for the agreement (I have a verified paypal account)

3. Change Membership Plan -> clicked "Premium Monthly" - > clicked button "save changes" and got the error:


An error occurred while processing your request

The system encountered an error while processing your patment information, please try again later


4. Clicked then at the Mainmenu "Linden Exchange" the button "manage" and selected "increase credit"

to get some USD into my account because I thought I would be able to pay the membership with this.

I've input 25 USD as amount to transfer since this is the min limit to transfer.. and I got the same error.


Well, here is where I stuck now :/

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Hi Circe

You are describing the same problem that I had over 2 years ago. It completely messed up my paypal account and I can't use it at all now. Paypal said it was suspicious activity on the account and they limited it and then locked it down. I cant even enter the account but it is still there!

I got around the problem by using a debit card to pay for my membership on the SL website.

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