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  1. Hello, yes the same for me. I was able to login to a LL sim, like 5 minutes later i got forced logged out. The grid status says everything solved and nice and fixed but is not. Even my sims, as i tried to access them told me: Information about this location is unavailable due to access restrictions. Please check your permissions with the parcel owner. Now all LL related websites (except forums) are down for me, not reachable, getting the error on a blank webpage "Failed".. that is all Edit: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ says: [Reopened 11:00am PDT 26 April 2012] Services are undergoing additional maintenance - logins, billing, and other issues may occur. At this time, we have no estimated time of repair. Please continue to monitor this blog for updates.
  2. It says for me "unable to connect to a simulator". Seems as I have to wait a few more minutes
  3. Hello ^^ I do not think to "ban" or block TPVs will solve anything. The original "copybot" was a creation by LL as some admin tool as far as I know. As mentioned before in this topic, the whole viewer is open source and can be changed to the programmers like. So far I only do know one tool which detects viewers on the harddrive, even if the viewer is masked at the login, inworld they have no chance to "survive" at your sim or area. If they have been detected once and switching to a legal viewer, they will be banned also because of the suspcicious behaviour and use of illegal viewer(s) in the past. If you want to have a look at CDS (gemini ban relay system) which is available at the marketplace (just search for CDS, it will appear at the top of search results). Many brands are using this system a long time already. Well, also a good thing is the direct delivery now, I really like the fact that a copybot now can not snag the content out of your magic box anymore. So direct delivery is a really nice addition, it tighten the "workspace" of copybotters even more. Overall, you are never 100% protected, whatever you do, just do not end up totally paranoid in a witch hunt. A copybot can copy stuffs but how long can they sell the stolen products? It is no long run business for them or cashflow at all. It is more or less a hobby or sport of some people which, of course, is wrong to do. Customers and also myself detected stolen products which I have created. All I can do is to report the "store" and person to LL but as said, better not to be paranoid and invest all your energy and time into hunting this people down. Just let us try to tighten their workspace a little more every day.
  4. LL is informed about this issue and is working on a fix for this Firefox problem. There is a Jira from last year which describes the same error which was fixed quick by LL. As far as I could figure out, the old error from last year was caused by something with the language settings. I assume that a new fix will be available very soon, until then I will use the Internet Explorer
  5. I have this problem too "An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log." Also Iam not able to access my SL account, the same error occurs. Of course clearing cache of the browser won't help since its a server problem. I'm using Firefox browser, it was always working. If I try Internet Explorer it will work for a short time but takes long time to load SL related pages. The forums load in both browsers quick. Maybe LL is working on something and it is not finished yet.
  6. Skins.. shapes..makeup..everything is very 60s like.. >.> Edit: Makeup is related to the keyword if its styled after the trend of 60s, I did not mean to say that it can not be related, sorry for my english. For skins and shapes it would be related, in my opinion, if it would represent a person of the 60s.
  7. Ticket sent too, waiting for respond, also included the link to this forum topic. Well, we dont know for what we been charged for, if that our enhancements or the ones from another merchant. As mentioned befoe my reply.. LL can charge us whatever they want, we have NO option to compare this strange transaction history from secondlife account with the marketplace account /lisitng enhancement... even in world more and more people mention issues...2 of them said, they were charged for something they never bought just now.. one did order something for 6k but didnt.. maybe marketplace should be shut down for a week until everything is fixed... more and more people shop inworld again tho.
  8. Currently I do not have to pay rentals, paid them a few days ago but would this happen to the end of month, then yes, a great desaster that could be ^^ I do not mind paying the fees for marketplace but please at their due date.
  9. Hello Luna Yes, I got charged for 24 subscriptions in between 10 minutes, the due dates are different, I spreaded them over the month to make sure that I do not get charged like 50k at once. After they took my money, the status of subscriptions was not changed, not able to edit or remove subscriptions too. But I did end all possible subscriptions for now before they take more money. Here is the other forum entry about this: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/2-Subscriptions-issues/td-p/1472781
  10. Hello^^ I have the same problem, there are tons of blank pages to browse trough (maybe because I did check this option to hide the inactive subscriptions, I dont need them, I dont want them and can not delete them). The "other" subscription page should and could also show the date and not just "active" or "expired".. Well, current problem is that today LL took money for 24 subscriptions, there is or was no status change after, the same as it is for "lucidtest Jinx" just the difference that it took actually my money and all at once evne the dates are different to charge me.. all of this 24 in between 10 minutes. I have no idea when the next subscription is due or when was the last unless I write it down on paper. I'am not able to change all of the 39 subscriptions either, just some, means that I'am not able to END the subscription of the products which I do not want to feature anymore and will be charged again without that I want this. Somehow I'm not able to figure out which entry of the transaction history belongs to which enhancement, example: Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #12936xxxxxx This makes it super hard to track anything, not sure what I just paid for. A more clear order name or something would be nice to have.
  11. Thank you Darrius^^ I did all that steps but there is one point I did not do like that. I was using the search in that appearing box list of Step 6 "Step 6 – Locate and Choose the Update Folder" in that document you posted here. I used the search because my list is very long to scroll (I know, there are people with 4000+ products, must be a pain to scroll). If I do use the search, the NEW updated product do not appear there. I also do not understand why this list loads all products and not just the current unassociated ones? I'am sorry for my bad english and hope it is a bit understandable. So, if you do not use search, it works and at the very end of the listing you will find the new product you want to associate, maybe helpful for others to know.
  12. Hello everyone :) I did switch to the direct delivery a few days ago, that worked with help of some people from this forum (thanks again). Now I have this problem: - I did upload yesterday the product (example name) "box 01" and created the listing, published it. - Today I found out, there is a mistake in product box content, so I did an update. - Uploaded this updated box again via merchant outbox to the marketplace (same filename as before) - Uploaded and updated "box 01" appears at unassociated item listing (here alreay it should hook in and link automatically the new box, since it is the same filename, bit doesn't) - As we did at the migration, I emptied this list then, was hoping it did automatically "link" the new uploaded box - Tried a redelivery.. I get the box with old content which is not what I want ^^ I thought that the "upload" of a NEW product box will REPLACE the uploaded box from before, it has the exact same filename but this seems not to work anymore like the magic box. In a magic box i could just remove old box, put in the new and all was done. EDIT/Update: After I wrote this, I tried another way, changing the filename of the product box (to i.e. box01_UPD), uploaded this one and did edit the existing item. Edit Associated... I can not select the new updated box from the list because it does nto appear appearing list, so that I could associate the updated box with the existing product/box. So basically we just have to delete the existing product listing and create a completely new one, just for an update? If so, that is a great disappointment because I did pay classified ad/main page ad and category ad for this items already which will be lost... so creating a new product listing is absolutely no option.
  13. Thanks to everyone who replied and helped me in this case After ~5 hours I have finally all items listed as direct delivery. The listing itself was going fine, just the removal of the items listed in the unassociated list took all the time. There is a way to make it faster, I wish I would knew before. Here is how I made that (maybe helps other merchants too). The last 2 magic boxes I did remove inworld (took them back to inventory) and removed them from the old SLX website ( https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=adminservers ) then back to the merchant dashboard -> manage listings -> hit the "sync Marketplace with Magic Boxes". After that, the product listing will be all red marked because it is not associated anymore with a product box. Now in world I did upload the content of the last 2 magic boxes, the unassociated item list stays empty this way, no need to delete anything, it will all auto synch and activate your products again.. without clicking any buttons. So maybe it is the best to start right away to remove the magic boxes either in world and synch marketplace or just remove them from the old SLX website only in case you want to keep the boxes in world. I hope, I did explain that well. I also saw a new post about this from Marcus Hancraft which is a similar solution ^^ Now only one little problem left, all products are listed with "USE NOW" in product description of marketplace. Since my products are all boxed and probably for most of the merchants it is the same, you need to change your product description to "unpack" which is done by editing the product information (bulk or single edit works for that). Have a great day and thank you again for all friendy and quick help at this forum ^^
  14. Hello Marcus again ^^ Thank you, that is then a good thing that I can move or keep the products after uploading somewhere else. I was thinking that the "upload" means that it does create a link pointing to your inventory item
  15. Thank you both very much for the quick respond. I did remove the magic boxes now and hope it will work as in that suggested Topic advised^^ Now only the ultra slow website needs to work for me. I still keep getting the error message after each attempt to delete an item from the listing. At least the the list do not gets longer anymore. Thank you again for your help EDIT: I do understand it right, that we have to keep all items at the same spot in our inventory as we have uploaded them to the marketplace? All boxes must remain at the same place yes? I ask because of the amount of extra file space in our inventory. LL says something about 10.000 files should be max (I have read that somewhere some time ago) but it seems to be impossible to stay at that, I have now around 19.000 files and boxed a lot already x.x
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