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  1. This seems to be a spreading problem. Even YouTube have copied the wall feature from FB. It's crap.
  2. /Hugs Bob I agree, the person was looking for help, not judgement. This turned into the end scene from Bugsy Malone but without the ceasefire and sing along. Everyone sing along...
  3. Which category does it fall into? I'm guessing it the 'other' category? Also, I take it that I enter the land owners name rather than the camper's name? I wouldn't normally do this but it's pretty blatent that it's a traffic cheat.
  4. It might seem an obvious question but have you tried typing into the chat box? The button is usually greyed out until there is text in the box.
  5. Maybe you should submit a ticket if it's happened before. SL definately eats things at it's own leisure, although things do sometimes get returned when LL do maintenance and housework. I have lost one quite nice shoe, I keep the remaining one in the hope it will be reunited with it's lost twin!
  6. What a coincidence! I have just formatted my laptop after 3 very heavy years of use. I stream tv and films, use SL and do tons of research. This machine has been put through it's paces mercilessly! I thought it was time to have a clean up finally. After comparing my laptop with my brothers high-end Toshiba laptop (3 months old) I definately have the better machine. My laptop is an unknown brand (Max Data) it's the best machine I've eve used long term. I could run 6 official SL viewers at once without too much of a slow down! I run scan disk,virus protection (Kapersky) and clear caches once a week. Maybe defrag every 4 months. Format once every 3 years!
  7. TY for the link. Looks like the AR I filed didnt get acted on
  8. Sometimes the only way to get away from this problem is to make new accounts.
  9. It's time to act independantly of Linden Lab. If you live in the uk, find yourself a decent solicitor and grab the first half hour free. Make notes on each incident and take it with you. This will enable the solicitor to quickly read and see each issue without you having to relate the story (which takes longer). If you have house insurance with legal cover, take the insurance policy with you. This may fund any action you have to take against this person. You may need proof of income also, ask when you make the appointment. This is harassment, going down the defamation route may be harder than harassment. I'm also pretty certain that legal aid is rarely awarded for defamation cases, but the solicitor will advise you accordingly. It appears that LL is failing to address your legitimate complaints. Contact LL and ask for their legal dept. Inform them that your solicitor wishes to contact them in relation to a series of incidents which have now become very serious. Get the person's name that you speak to and keep a note of what was said during the conversation. Make sure you stress to them just how much this is affecting your life, be it SL or RL. Sometimes a phone call to the right dept can have the desired effect, but there are no guarantees.
  10. Hi Circe You are describing the same problem that I had over 2 years ago. It completely messed up my paypal account and I can't use it at all now. Paypal said it was suspicious activity on the account and they limited it and then locked it down. I cant even enter the account but it is still there! I got around the problem by using a debit card to pay for my membership on the SL website.
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