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So um, let's be friends 'n stuff? :D

Jinx Requiem
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I've tried this before, and it sort of worked!


But .. I guess all the friends I made disappeared to take care of some RL things.  :(

So .. I'm here to try again!


I love to talk.  I'm a bit weird.  (Lulz.)  I love to shop!  I enjoy games, exploring and .. sometimes clubbing. 

Depends on the place, really.


I'm capable of serious conversation about pretty much anything.

However, my sense of humor is a bit .... dry.   (It'll grow on you like a cherished fungus, I promise.)

I love bad jokes!


I especially love to roleplay.  (Para RP!)  So if you enjoy that as well, that would be a HUGE plus!  :)

Seriously, I'm just a big ball of strange fun!


My interests are video games, horror movies, books, and ... stuff like that.

I'm not necessarily looking for a relationship or anything, but I'm open-minded to the possibility.


For the most part, my avi is human.  


I can't think of anything else so ... just send me a message in-world or reply to this post!    :)

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Hey it really seems like we have a lot in common! My small group of friends we are a bunch of weirdos that will say and do anything for amusement. I often log into a twerking party in my house lol. Sometimes boredom leads us to randoms sims running around naked with some sort of meme face mask on and twerking on everone for a laugh.


I love horror themed stuff, exploring, weird creepy places especially are fun. Im never to busy to just hang out, talk, to do anything fun.Im always looking for some sort of adventure or game to try.

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