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  1. I was going for a red theme. I should have done some horns with it too.
  2. All i had recently was a snapshot of my face. I dont change clothes as often as i use to honestly.
  3. If you are on flickr i suggest joining some of the groups. There is one called My Kawaii World SL, also Kawaii Time, and Kawaii Elite. You can see blog posts and stuff featuring cute kawaii styles. This would help you alot in search of new stores.I hope you find what you're looking for.
  4. This happens to everybody in SL at some point. Its more common when you have been around Sl for many years like i have. I have taken breaks for several months at a time before, Going on 13 years here i sometimes need to get away and do other things for a while. So give yourself opportunity to come up with new ideas for things you want to do in SL. Find some inspiration and pick up a new hobby such as blogging, photography, maybe even creating some things. Getting involved in something new and interacting with others that also do that thing create a whole new experience for you. You will find y
  5. I only fairly recently returned from a break so i missed so much of new bodies and new heads. As soon as i heard TMP i was thinking Oh no this wont go over well. I just cant get past how things were with them before, So I'm very cautious. The body looks nice but that price is way too high for something that has such huge issues.Its not omega compatible ( atleast not yet), so thats a huge turn off.I need to watch some review videos and really see the full details of this body and the hud to fully know about it. There are better bodies with better prices on the market already and with tons of su
  6. Ooh i love looking at all of these photos! I just entered that contest too. I hope my picture is good enough for it.No editing at all. Just a straight snapshot. i played with windlight a lot and had the graphics on max settings.
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