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my sl tv does not work sound no pic., my operation system is well in the requirements, how to play ?


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  • If videos are not playing or you have a black or blank search page, please do the following:
    • Go to Avatar → Preferences → Sound & Media
    • Make sure the “Enabled” checkbox to the right of the “Media” slider is checked

      (For audio, check “Streaming Music”)

    • Check “Allow resident scripts to play media”
    • Make sure you have updated both Flash Player and Quicktime. In order to play Flash format videos (eg YouTube videos), you must have the generic Adobe Flash plugin installed. If you use IE as your web browser and already have Flash, you will need to get the generic Flash plugin; see here.

      linux users need to have gstreamer installed, with the “bad” plugin set.

    • Make sure the issue is not with the specific television you are using, by attempting to view videos on a television that plays video normally for other Firestorm users.
    • Make sure that “Enable plugins” is ticked in Preferences → Network & Cache, else Flash Player or Quicktime can not be executed, and you may see a message saying: Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback.

IIt is also possible that you are either missing a SLPlugin.exe file or it is being blocked by a firewall or your antivirus routine.

Check the SLPlugin file

  • Relog and open Search
  • Go to your computer processes and look for “slplugin.exe”
    • For Windows users, go to Task Manager → Processes Tab
    • For Mac users, go to Activity Monitor → My Processes (usually by default, but you can check top right drop down)
    • For Linux users, go to Command Terminal, and type “ps aux”
    • You may see four instances of the slplugin running (that is normal behavior)
    • If you do not see any instances of slplugin running, that is the cause of media failing
  • If slplugin is not running, disable all firewall and virus protection (including anti-virus software and windows or other operating system firewalls)
  • Relog and attempt video playback again
  • If it works, you will need to stop your firewall/virus protection from blocking the slplugin file by granting it appropriate permissions in your firewall/virus protection software
  • NOTE: If you have several viewers installed, you will have to allow to each one access through your firewall, as well as to SLPlugin for each one.


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