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Direct Delivery Migration FAQ


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Marketplace Merchants,

Thanks to all of you who have already migrated to Direct Delivery. For those who have not yet completed the process, we have pulled together a summary of the frequently asked questions from the forums and support cases. We really appreciate Support jumping in and helping out Merchants on the Forums this past week, and are glad to see the responses from Merchants seeking help. Going forward, we’ll post additional answers here to make it easy for everyone to find and reference. Of course, you can still contact the Marketplace Support team to address specific issues you might have by submitting a support case.

Questions and answers follow as responses to this post. We will add new questions as needed.

The Commerce Team

EDIT April 24, 2013: Please see this forum post for more details on Magic Box retirement dates.

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Q: Are there step by step instructions on how to migrate?
A: Yes, please see the Direct Delivery Migration Guide in the Second Life Knowledge Base. Videos are included to help simplify this process.

Q: Will migrating to Direct Delivery affect my listings?
A: No. Nothing will change except how the item is sent to the buyer and the process you use to update or add an inventory item.

Q: Will my store disappear if I do not migrate?
A: No. But your products will be unlisted and no one will be able to purchase your items until they are migrated. Note that Limited Quantity items will still be supported on Magic Boxes until those are fully supported by Direct Delivery.

Q: I sell Limited Quantity Items, will my store disappear on 16 April?
A: No. Limited Quantity Items may still use, and be listed with the Magic Box.

Q: Do I have to unbox my items before I upload them?
A: No. For the initial migration, it will be faster and simpler if you leave them boxed.

Q: I have migrated my items, but I still see all of them in the Unassociated Inventory Items. Why are they still there?
A: Those are the old Magic Box copies of the items and you may delete them. These will disappear when you remove your Magic Box from Xstreet: see the next answer for details on how to do this.

Q: How do I remove all of the Magic Box items in my Unassociated Inventory Items?
A: In order to permanently delete these items, you will need to remove your Magic Box(es) from Xstreet. You can do this by going to your Magic Box Status Page and removing all of the Magic Boxes that you see listed. After the old Magic Boxes are removed, sync the Marketplace to your Magic Boxes and the items will disappear. See the Migration Guide for step by step instructions. (If you just delete from the Marketplace, they will come back when your Magic Box(es) next sync.)

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Q: When I try to send the items to the Marketplace I get an error message.
A: Please check to see if you have rights to copy the item(s) you are trying to upload. Currently, items that you cannot copy will not be sent. If you do have rights to copy your items, please submit a support case with the error message information, and we will be able to assist you further.

Q: I am unable to upload my Breedables through the Merchant Outbox.
A: At this time, Limited Quantity items (items that the Merchant does not have rights to copy) are not supported through Direct Delivery.

Q: What if i get an error message on the Xstreet SL site?
A: The Xstreet site is likely experiencing high load. Please check the Second Life Grid Status. If all is well, just try again in 30 minutes.

Q: I have a question or issue not covered here.
A: Please submit your question through a support case so that we may assist you.

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Q: I am getting told that I need to Create a Store, but I already am a Merchant. How do I get the Merchant Outbox to work?
A: Use our Merchant Outbox Project Viewer to repair your Merchant Outbox. Here are the steps to follow with this project viewer:

  1. Download and log in to the project viewer.
  2. Select Me->Merchant Outbox.
  3. After the outbox has initialized, add a test item to the Merchant Outbox by dragging it to the Outbox.
  4. Click Send to Marketplace.
  5. If you you see the items removed from the Merchant Outbox and added to your unassociated inventory on the marketplace, your Merchant Outbox has been fixed. You may now go back to using your viewer of choice (as long as it supports the Merchant Outbox.)
  6. If you get a success message, but your items have stayed in your Merchant Outbox, do the following:
    1. Move the item from your Merchant Outbox to your main inventory.
    2. Find your Trash folder in your inventory, and right click to Empty Trash
    3. Move your test item back to the Merchant Outbox and click Send to Marketplace again. Your items should be removed from your Merchant Outbox and appear in Unassociated Inventory Items on the Marketplace.
    4. You may now go back to using your viewer of choice (as long as it supports the Merchant Outbox.)
    5. If none of the above work, please submit a support case.
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4013 days.

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