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how come i cant use my visa card

Jacqueline Fairlady

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Nobody will be able to answer this question here, we are all residents like you. You have to call the billing support:

Contacting Linden Lab billing support

If you have a non-technical issue related to billing concerns, you can call the Linden Lab billing team at the following toll-free numbers:

  • US/Canada: 800-294-1067
  • France: 0805-101-490
  • Germany: 0800-664-5510
  • Japan: 0066-33-132-830
  • Portugal: 800-814-450
  • Spain: 800-300-560
  • UK: 0800-048-4646
  • Brazil: 0800-762-1132

Long distance (not free): 703-286-6277 (use Skype if you can to save cost)

Billing Support is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week in the US, UK, and Canada and 7 days a week in all other countries listed above.


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Here are some common reasons for credit card failure:

  • You entered the credit card number incorrectly.
  • You did not enter the billing address or entered it incorrectly. It should be the same address that appears on your bill.
  • You did not enter the name on the card or entered differently from how it appears on the card.
  • The credit card is not in the list of accepted payment methods (see above)
  • You did not enter the CVV (3 digits on the back, or 4 digits on the front for AmEx) or entered it incorrectly.
  • The card is expired, or the expiration date was entered incorrectly.
  • There are no funds available on the credit card to validate it. We send a US$1.00 authorization to ensure that a credit card is valid. This is not a billing, but the card must have at least US$1.00 available on it to pass validation.
  • Your monthly payment limit is reached, and/or your bank is not authorizing any more transactions.
  • The issuing bank has not pre-approved transactions with Linden Research, Inc. Contact the issuing bank to resolve the problem.
  • If you are outside the US, your card may not be set up for international/overseas transactions (this is very common with Visa Electron).
  • A common cause of payment method failure is the use of unsupported card types. At this time, the majority of prepaid cards are not compatible with our system, even if they bear the VISA/AMEX/Mastercard logo. This includes cards purchased at retail stores, rechargeable credit cards, and bank-issued check cards.

If none of the above applies, contact your credit card provider to determine the cause.

You may also contact Linden Lab Billing Support.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4097 days.

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