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looking for a house


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The Marketplace contains thousands of pre-built homes.  Most are not furnished, but some (rather expenisve ones usually) are.  You mention "512m".  I do not know what you mean by this, but there are two important numbers for homes:  The house's footprint (how large a land parcel, in X and Y dimensions, in meters, you need for it) and its prim count. 

You need land to put the house on.  You can either buy or rent land.  See the Knowledgebase for much more information about land, or come to my land class.  It's free, and it's held on Fridays, at 5 pm SL time, at Caledon Oxbridge University.

If you don't want to pay for a pre-built house, you can build one yourself.  This is a lot of fun!  Visit the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives for tutorials on how to use the Second Life build tools.

Or you can go the other way, and have everything done for you.  You can get a free Linden Home with a Premium membership.  Again, the Knowledgebase explains about Premium membership and its benefits, including Linden Homes.

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