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Vixen Chauveau

my avatar a mist how do I resolve this? Others can see her but I can't


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There is an excellent post on the subject of Clouds...

it's been of great help to countless people who find themselves in your situation. it details the causes and solutions very nicely. Start with Ctrl+Alt+R and go on from there.

There is one item to add to the list though...tattoos. In some instances tattoos will cause a bake fail when you wear two or more of them. This is becoming more prevalent with the advent of makeup on tattoo layers. It is a very inconsistent fail, you can sometimes go weeks without seeing it happen once, then the next login you cannot be seen by your friends, when you log out after that occasion, there is a good chance that you will come back as a cloud avatar. It's easy to correct, take your tattoos off and put them back on...no relog cache clearing or anything else required for that fail.

The easiest way to deal with the issue in the future is to create a backup avatar with your shape skin and eyes in the outfits folder. More times than not, going to that folder and replacing what you are wearing with that backup will force your rezz.

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