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Marketplace to Move to Second Life Billing Engine

Linden Lab


Next week the Second Life Marketplace will be changing the way you pay for your Marketplace purchases. The Marketplace will begin using the same payment system as the rest of Second Life. In addition to providing a more consistent experience for our customers, this will allow shoppers to leverage the broader set of payment options.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for this change?

No, you do not. We will be failing any old orders that have not completed in preparation for the switch over, so you may see a refund appear from a stuck order over the next week prior to the release. NOTE: all carts will be emptied during this release, so please save items as favorites if you would like to save links to the items in your cart.


Do I need to do any complicated set-up?

No, if you plan to use Linden dollars as a payment method, the main change will be the layout of the payment submission page. The system will automatically deduct the amount of your purchase from your Linden dollar balance. If you would like to use an alternate payment method, and it is not already stored as billing information on your Second Life account, you will need to enter this information during the purchase process.


What else is different?

For our international users, more international payment options are supported. In addition, payment information will be automatically stored for future purchases by our payment service providers. Residents can easily remove stored payment information by removing it from their billing information on secondlife.com.


Is this a new system?

This system has been in use in Second Life for almost 2 years; we are now introducing it to the Marketplace.


Will anything look different in my transaction history?

Currency Linden will replace Commerce Linden as the escrow account for Linden dollar purchases. Those using a credit card or PayPal will also see a L$ transfer from Dollar Linden. Note that Commerce Linden will still appear on your transaction history for Product Listing Enhancement Subscription payments for the time being.


What if I have a problem?

Please submit a Support ticket. All issues related to billing are fully supported by Customer Support and will be addressed with appropriate priority.


Edited June 21, 2013 to add comment about cart expiration.





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