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Second Life Destinations - SeraPride

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Seraphim will be holding its annual SeraPride event on June 18th, starting at 11:30am PT in support of the LGBTQI+ community.

Founded in 2011, Seraphim is the biggest Second Life shopping destination aggregator reporting over 2 million page views per month. They are the experts in helping SL shopping addicts find their fix! Covering all the biggest shopping events and sales running on the grid, the co-owners Kess Crystal and Delicate Flower have also added livestreaming and podcasting to their repertoire. Check out their weekly Outlet Live and Seracast videos on the Seraphim YouTube channel

Serasim is the home of Seraphim HQ inworld where all kinds of events are held throughout the year, including Blogger Panels, Holiday Events, and SeraPride! 

SeraPride is their annual one day fundraising event. Last year the event raised well over $3000 USD. Hoping to raise even more this year, the festivities will start on June 18th at 11:30am PT and throughout the day there will be DJs, a Drag Race, SeraPride Idol, Raffles, Giveaways, and more! All proceeds will benefit Rainbow Railroad, a small Canadian based organization that helps LGBTQI+ people threatened for their lives to relocate to a safe place. 

Both Del and Kess share a passion for raising awareness for this cause. Del says, “This event is a fun way to raise awareness, bring in some donations and help some people survive. At the end of the day we as humans are driven to help one another.”

Kess shares her sentiments, “The situation for LGBTQ folks is dire at the moment. Be it in Afghanistan or many states in the United States. We are trying to provide a colorful environment, that we are custom building, for a really vibrant event that will be a lot of fun! Second Life has always been a place that attracts people who are curious to explore their identity to the fullest and it has become for many a place that feels safe to be who you are.”

So grab your rainbow gear and head on down to SeraPride on June 18th for some fun community engagement while contributing to an important cause. 

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

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