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Happy Friday everyone! Spring is in the air and it’s time to sweep out some clutter to make room for new things to bloom. We’ve had many of you give us feedback on absentee store owners who don’t offer sales support for their products. You also told us about older products or spam that is creating clutter. In the past, there have been clean-ups of the marketplace to address these concerns that yielded a very positive response.  Keeping all this in mind we will be making the following changes:

  • If the Merchant hasn’t logged in in two years *and* a specific product hasn’t sold in 1 year (03/01/2022), the product will be unlisted.
  • If the Merchant hasn’t logged in in two years *and* the store hasn’t sold anything in 1 year, their store will be disabled.
  • This means that if a product has sold within the past year or has not sold but the seller has logged in within the last two years, that product listing will remain available on the marketplace.  If a store has products, which have sold within the past year, it will remain enabled.

We are confident that a more lean selection of products and search results will benefit the shoppers as well as active creators on the SL Marketplace. Happy Shopping!

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