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Why do i get a "second life (not responding) on the top of my secondlife window all of a sudden?

I havent had any problems with secondlife untill now. Everytime I try to sign on, itll load a little bit, freeze, then it will stop responding. I even tried making me arrive at a different spot and it still does the same thing. Why isnt it working all of a sudden? I was on it like, 20 minutes ago with no problems.

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When you have been on and suddenly can't get back in a  couple of things are likely. Either SL is having problems or you connection is having problems. 

When a viewer crashes it can corrupt memory and leave processes running. Peggy's advice to restart the computer is the best fix for cleaning up computer problems on your side.

You should always look at Second Life Grid Status Reports to see if a grid wide problem has come up. It can take a couple of hours for a problem to appear there. So, keep checking while you try to resolve the problem.

When you are confident it is not SL or you, then check you connection. See: Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection.

Until you can eleminate these three avoid taking drastic action. Not being able to suddenly connect is usually a transient problem.

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A freeze and then a not responding message means your program (in this case, you viewer) has crashed.  Almost anything can be the cause of a program crashing.  But there are some simple things to do to get passed the crash.  The first thing is don't autoamately assume it's something drastic (it seldom is).  Try to launch the viewer again (which it appears you did) but wait a minute before you try (hammering your computer with a program that is crashing just clogs up your memory which actually makes it harder to get the program going).  It, after a couple of tries (with a minute or so between attempts) it's still crashing, then do a complete shut down of your computer (a simple restart is probably not going to help), wait a few minutes (like 3 or so) and restart the computer.....try SL again.  If one of those two don't get your viewer launched then you might start looking at a little more complicated exercises to get it going (but not all that complicated, just not as easy).  Go the .exe file for your viewer and launch it from there (bypass the short cut in your start menu or icon on your desktop).  On Windows 7 it's typically located at:  OSDisk (C: )/Program Files (x86)/SecondLifeViewer.  Click on the "application" file named "SecondLIfe" (not the other file named "SecondLife Viewer).........you can tell the correct one by the size being 38,000 KB instead of 2 KB.

One of those three should get you back in-world.  If not then it's time for some computer specs for your machine so that we can dig a little deeper in the problem.  You can add that information or any comments by using the "Options" at the upper right corner of your post and then "Edit".  Don't start a new thread......that just causes confusion for everyone.

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i am using firestom when i try to use second life it stops responding i dont know what to do. any suggestions

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If your pc is wireless, add a wire.

You could try to change your Start Location. region Smith is usually empty.

Take a look at the steps in the link, if you still have an issue, post an update.