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I would like to buy abandoned Land, how can i do this?

I would like to buy abandoned Land. I like this little Land, its abandoned since 8 months. How can i buy it?

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Welcome to Second Life forums, Curly.

If I were you, I would submit a support ticket to LL via the "help" option at the top of this screen and request to purchase the land.  They may or may not consider selling it directly to you, or they may decide to put it up for auction a little earlier than perhaps they were intending to.  Either way, if you don't ask you don't get, so go for it, and good luck!

LL used to have a policy of people having to border the abandoned land on three sides and they would consider selling the land, but they would use their discretion on this. Also, any recently abandoned land has been reset for sale immediately. It is just the older land, like the parcel you like the look of, that can sit for literally years abandoned.

At the end of the day, it is more in LL's interests to have the abandoned land all sold off earning them tier fees.

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