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  1. in my marketplace store I ve had some items in the list that i delete. Now when i add a new item to marketplace and i click "add related items", the old ones i have deleted before still in the inventory. How can i remove these old items? :matte-motes-frown:
  2. I forgot to say, that i see all other groups, only my own group i don t see ???????
  3. Yes my Dashboard. I clear browser cache, relog and try another browser. I have this problem since last wednesday. All my friends see my group in theyr account and i can see it when i am online and check for my groups. But it bother me that it just dissapear at my account. I don t know how to fix this problem.
  4. Since a few days i can not see my Group at my sl account. All my friends see it, but i don't. How can it dissapear? I can only see it when i go in world and look at my Groups. Why?
  5. I would like to buy abandoned Land. I like this little Land, its abandoned since 8 months. How can i buy it?
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