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I want to go over a full region on the mainland, and it says by buying 400m2 my land tier jumps

I have a full region, but I want to buy 400m2 next to my entrance on the mainland. Doing this increases my land tier almost $100 USD. Do I jump a full region or what is going on?


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Probably.  Main land tier just keeps doubling.  You might consider buying the land using an alt.


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From your description it sound like the small new piece of land would put you over the "half sim" line into paying for a full sim. You can of course buy with an alt, but you could also put your land into a group where you get a 10% bonus in tier. You can do the math on that but it seem very likely that would solve your problem. You need a group with at least two people (one can be an alt) or you could have a friend join the group and simply not give them any powers.


Here is the SL wiki on group owned land. Read carefully.  Smiley Very Happy


Good luck.

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I would figure that your Land use would be $195 for a Region plus $5 for the 400m2.

I'm not sure why it says $100.

I would contact billing or Support.