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GIF Animation

I have all these textures that I got from GIFs and converted into filmstrip textures, a single texture with multiple frames. I just don't know what script I would use in order to animate these textures. I am kind of an idiot about scripts, I don't know how to create them or how they work really. Any help?

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Th function that you want is llSetTextureAnim .  There are examples in the wiki to show you how it works.  Basically, you just need to provide the number of frames in each row of your texture and the number of rows overall.  If you don't feel like writing your own tiny scipt to use that function, take a look at http://www.peregrinesalon.com/anim/ , which not only creates a multiframed texture (the part you have already done) but also provides a custom script to run it in SL.

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