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  1. I'm glad to hear that, but they still need to rethink some of these other account changes. There are so many good ideas being shared in forums... hope you're still listening LL! Personally, I'll be rethinking whether I want to keep my premium membership.
  2. Must be very stressful keeping track of other people's parcels. I'd rather spend my time enjoying SL and the new community.
  3. Thanks Raith... hope you've been enjoying yours . That's right... it's just about passing along some gratitude.
  4. I agree.... thank you all for sharing the LMs. Can't wait to get out and explore and be a part of this beautiful community.
  5. There was such a frenzy after the first release. I missed the first release and like you, stayed by the computer...even brought my laptop to work after reading the posts from Patch (you didn't hear that from me). I'm sorry you weren't able to get one, but don't give up and miss out on this new community.
  6. What Raith said. After reading all the posts (especially the updates from Patch), something told me to bring my laptop to work yesterday and I'm glad I did. I had to give it a few tries, but ended up in my new houseboat.... so happy!!
  7. From the link that bigmoe shared before, it looks like Cali is getting the brunt of the attacks
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