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  1. does region owner have to set windlight settings on parcel cause i tried to use the region override dont do anything i have put in about land
  2. shouldnt have rented full homestead if i didnt know about landscaping designs terrain designs etc shoult just rented i dunno domes or something which is landscaped but the breedables taht are allowed ya know some ppl dont allow that
  3. them videos tell me nothing i press roughen all that does make rivers and that dont want that dont want huge mess ya know i dunno tryin make terrained nice tidy land not mess press the smooth smoothes it back out press the raise just makes land too high lowers makes more water im not designer or landscaper of design was hopeless at art in school have autism also i dunno how ppl make their lands look great ya know
  4. i try and terain just make lots of rivers no paths nothing i just press on roughen i dunno what im doin tbh i want it like forestry and for wk cats to run around but cant tried and if i make hills i get it all wrong too looks mess so i dunno
  5. i have no idea how to terraform or nothing wanted t make a foresty theme for the wild kajaeras but i dunno how i just gonna put in rivers i think i dunno
  6. im hopeless at terrain and textures i changed the original textures to just grass and sand what do i need to make it a nice land i got a full homestead renting and i dunno what im doin with the bottom land lol just makin mess with me breedables lol unorganized
  7. sorry about this post just that when i rent places seem to get bad lag and thats why was in bad mood earlier also a headache on top ya know like was tryin to rez house on land earlier was rezzing major slow
  8. bump need land tried jewels island they suck dunno where else to go
  9. looking for a no covenant 1/4 sim to rent good prices if available
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