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  1. I keep goin through my preferences and Firestome 4.4.2 (34167 is suckin big time! I wasnt havin any issues until now and the only download I can find is this stinking beta -- This has been dreadful - I am searching for some other client than Firestorm. Every time I search to find answers - all I see are long ago outdated post made about their issues. This version of Firestorm is taking forever to even open up so I can log in - initializing crap!! And then once I am in, I have to click on everything around me so it will rezz up -- OR -- I log in and everything is gray and takes forever to rezz up. I hate this client!
  2. i do not like viewer 2. i do not like how big the camera control box is now. i prefer the smaller one like the blue one. i do not like that i do not seem to be able to leave it out all of the time like the blue one but being as it is so darn big i wouldnt want it out anyhow. i cant stand using it in viewer 2. i cant stand how to edit and click creator name then little box opens i have to choose profile. i havent yet been able to figure how to minimize one profile and open another. i have not figured how to open two or more profiles either. only one. i have not figured how to search for groups or shops except to go to my dashboard and search using the external page and i hate this. today in viewer 2 i created a new folder of which i could never rename. i had to go into the other viewer to name the darn thing. while i was in the other viewer, i realized just how much i do so detest viewer 2 and so i pulled my shortcut to the other viewer from the folder i had it in, put it on my desktop, cut the viewer 2 shortcut and put it in the folder i have of progams i hate haha i also do not like how switching back and forth between viewers, i have to reset my preferences every single time. i will remain in my old viewer until i am forced to use viewer 2. i cannot stand viewer 2 period.
  3. i have been creating support tickets on this issue. support is useless. they continue to repeat a same solution and closing the ticket as solved when their solution is not working and the issue is not solved. support is about worthless. this issue took place a couple of years ago and secondlife did finally fix the issue after we all tolerated it for a very long time before they would even stop to consider that it is an issue on their end. after they finally got their heads out of their butts and realized that the issue was on their end, they did fix the problem. SO UNTIL these current people get their heads out of their butts and realize the issue is on their end, we most likely have to contend with it. below, i will place their solution. you can try it. it does not work for me. AND at the end of this, it does state: If you have any further queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us. BUT I WARN YOU THEY ARE USELESS AND WILL REPEAT SAME SOLUTION THAT DOES NOT WORK!! Thank you for contacting us with your query. Your avatar presence was "stuck" inworld. This normally happens when your last logging out process fails to complete. The presence has now been cleared and before logging in you must complete the following steps: Clear Cache Do this by opening the viewer Do not connect, instead click "edit" from the top menu bar and click "Preferences" Click the "Network" tab, then click the "Clear Cache" button Close the cache alert message, then click OK Close the Second Life viewer, then re-open it This may take a few minutes while your cache is cleared Change your start location Do not connect, instead click "edit" from the top menu bar and click "Preferences" Click the "General" tab and tick "Show Start Location on Login Screen" Click OK Below the login boxes a drop down menu is now displayed Click the drop down arrow and select <Type region name> In the Start Location box type either Aqua or Pooley Enter login details and click "Log In" It is possible that a complex scripted attachment has caused this issue. Once you successfully login, please remove all attachments from your avatar. This can be achieved by right clicking your avatar, select "Take Off" then "Detach All". In addition, we recommend that you use a cable/wired connection rather than wireless wherever possible. If you have any further queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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