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  1. just got myself a home yay finally off the refresh train 😀
  2. LL don't promise you a 1024 plot within the new continent they promise you a home be it one of the new ones house or boat there is also other options ie the old style homes also the chance of a 1024 plot on the mainland granted who in there right mind wants the old style houses with only 117 prims when you can join the time out lottery folk like me and try to get a new one with 351Li
  3. i logged into the get my home page refreshed it once tried to get a house by back paging and was timed out thought it was for refreshing more than 10 times in 10 mins not trying to get a house gets feeling i'm on some kind of blacklist as far as getting a house is concerned
  4. got timed out when i didn't even refresh all i tried was to get a house this sucks it's like a penalty
  5. it's the citizen group and community group of the same name
  6. well i'm not that fast either i mean 3 seconds and there gone
  7. knowing my luck i'll be on a timeout when one goes by lol
  8. vent it's good to get it out but please try my approach when i miss out i just say well another day closer to getting one
  9. on your dashboard go to your home it's at side of page in right hand corner click on that a lot use auto refresh or f5 to keep refreshing the page it's a game of luck
  10. congrats each time i miss out think i must of been banned from having one
  11. your welcome Cara no only one site you get homes from
  12. the one where you get your homes from on your dashboard
  13. either that or they are keeping it back till tomorrow to make it look like they've let lots of them go this time, I dunno only an idea
  14. why do you have to be a kill joy let her enjoy getting her house
  15. well from what I know they are and have been releasing them every other day except last week with it being 4th of July and one of the team being off sick so someone posted that Patch had said it would be today so keeping everything crossed and my fingers ready to click if i'm lucky enough to see one come up and get it ah! well a girl can dream hey 😂
  16. must be hard for them to please everyone , but i feel you I also work and am in UK so it's been a little better for us but still I've missed out on them as it's normally when i'm on my way home so they've all gone when i get home 😂
  17. it was said they was going to release some today dunno what time
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