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  1. I run some tests with Avastar, basically all the face bones are involved with the shape sliders apart the tongue. I didn't recognized the bones that use only the scaling, anyway I had confirmation that Lelutka and Catwa anims works good also on the other bento mesh heads because they use translations only for the tongue bones.
  2. Excellent, do you know which bones is possible to use with translaction please?
  3. Well, that kind of anims is impossible to realize only with rotations, especially tongue and lips movements. I tried several times to animate the face with Avastar I can see the difference, rotations have huge limits. Perhaps there's a way out there to reset the bones after a transaction movement, I tried to put a frame with zero rotations and translations in the end of the anim but the result is always the same.
  4. I see. Since many anims of different creators use translaction anims without deformation (two of them: Catwa and Lelutka) I though that the solution was close. I'm literally using a Catwa anim with tralsaction on a Lelutka bento head and everything works good, I can go also on the other way around (Lelutka anim on a Catwa head) with no trouble. No default body shape and no reset skeleton, the shape remain the same after the anim. perhaps I miss something in the process.
  5. Hi guys, I restore the thread with a direct, unanswered question: How can I realize an un-deformed anim to fix the shape after a translation animation? I'm using Avastar 2RC5 and exporting in .anim. I tried everything with no success, perhaps you have the answer.
  6. =★= Starfish Hunt =★= runs in August 2011 - from 15th to 31th! Hunt the Blow-Up items - a lot of Starfish gifts will be randomly placed on the beach nearby the Blow-Up Mainstore. All you need to do is looking for the glowing Starfishes - they come and go away ...so be fast! Have fun and enjoy the hunt! Hugs! ㋡ Lilith XOXO Blow-Up Mainstore
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